Feeding pattern

I need some adivce. C is FF, I felt too crappy after my section to attempt BF (I know how selfish that sounds) but did attempt a few days later only to find supply had dried up :( . She has always fed very well. Atm she seems to be increasing her feeds during the day taking anywhere between 4 ozs every 2 hours in one feed and up to 8ozs every 5 hours in one feed (particularly overnight). She is only 5 weeks old and Im aware she is at times taking alot of feed. she doesnt seem any more windy or sickly, she seems perfectly happy but Im very aware that my HV has mentioned not being able to overfeed a baby but not wanting them to gain too much weight either. C was 1 week prem, and only weighed 5lbs 13ozs is it possible she is just growing and making sure she squeezes more smaller feeds in during the day so she can sleep more at night? Or should I be worried that she is eating too much if that is possible? Im very aware I sound like an idiot atm so apologies in advance. TBH Im just glad I have a baby who is eating well but my HV may not agree x


  • Not sure what the correct medical answer is but my HV told me I couldn't over feed and if he was drinking he must be hungry, no one ever mentioned about not gaining too much weight in fact they were delighted when instead of  losing weight in the first few weeks he gained! Well done her for drinking 8oz in one go!

  • Thanks JRJ thats what I thought/felt too. She is really happy and contented I just dread doing the wrong thing for her. I need bigger bottles *yikes* x

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