Feel so sick :(

I'm 7 weeks today. I was so sick with my daughter, in and out of hospital, couldnt eat a thing, and was hoping so much this time would be different! I feel sick all day, and have vomited this morning. Does anyone have a miracle solution?! I'm trying to eat little and often, sipping water, but feel awful :(!!


  • I don't have any miracle solutions I'm afraid, I've only just stopped feeling sick most of the day. I found eating helped even if I really didn't fancy it, as being hungry made me far worse. I tried sickness bands but they didn't do much for me, but my friend who's also pregnant tried them and they did have an effect, so it might be worth giving those a go? Other than that I can only offer sympathy, I hope it's not as bad for you this time as last.

  • my sickness has been pretty bad, but *touch wood* no physical throw up, just nausea. I find its worse when I'm dehydrated so although its horrible, keep drinking water and eating every few hours. other than that i have no advice i'm afraid, but I sympathise, mine was at its worse around 7-8 weeks but its died down to just a constant mild now. that being said, I couldnt imagine feeling that ill with a 1 year old.

  • Go to drs to get drugs. It's not worth suffering.

  • I've ordered wrist bands, but they've not arrived today. I keep sipping lucozade because that helped a bit last time, although I don't think I'm meant to drink that in pregnancy? I have my booking in ap with midwife tomorrow so will ask about medication.

  • I feel your pain. I was bad with number one but dreadful with number 2. It's so important to keep eating little bits if you can make yourself do it. I survived in irn bru, macaroni cheese and wotsits for a while! I ended up on a drip for a few days at about 7 weeks.

    Are you on any medication? I tried a few and eventually Cyclazine took the edge off it for me. The sickness subsided at 20 odd weeks and I came off the drugs at 26 weeks.

    Don't struggle on, it's such a vicious cycle off nausea and then you can't eat then feel more sick.

  • I'm not on any at the mo, with my little girl I ended up on meds after weeks of vomitting, I lost 2 stone in 8 weeks, roughly between 9-17 weeks pregnant. I can't remember the name of the meds I was on, but was only allowed them for two weeks as they were very strong. If I remember correctly they told me they were sometimes used for radiotherapy patients to deal with sickness. I think I need to stock up on nibbles, I don't fancy anything in the kitchen so that's not helping. I was admitted to hospital 3 times before for drips, and was off work a lot too. I'm determined not to get that bad this time, mainly because I can't afford to and i have a 17 month old to look after this time!!

  • Worth getting on the drugs before you get into that spiral then.

  • Will the midwife be able to prescribe them for me tomorrow? Or will I need to see a doctor?

  • You'll need to see the doctor. I found irn bru was a miracle cure for me. Even now with general sickness I've found it works! Hope you get some relief soon!  X

  • Would irn bru have the same effect as lucozade? I've never tasted it before!

  • It's a famous hangover cure, and that's how I felt all the time! Constantly hung over! I think it might be a better option than lucozade! But then I don't like lucozade.

  • Polos (sugar free to save my teeth!) and dry crackers were my godsend. All the time i was sucking polos i didnt feel sick x

  • I think it's the sugar in irn bru that helped me!

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