Feet to Foot - wwyd?

I've always placed A feet to foot with her blankets tucked in the end under the mattress AMS in the crib this never posed a problem. However, now she's in her cot bed she's started wriggling all around it. The problem I have is her sheet and blanket are cot bed size so if I tuck them under the mattress leaving enough to cover her, she wriggles away from them and gets cold but if I leave them untucked she might wriggle underneath them. What do I do? 


  • Can you not use a sleeping bag ?  Makes all the worries about blankets / sheets disappear.  Alternatively I think the risks of getting a bit cold are neglible compared to the risks of wriggling under the covers.

  • Thanks JB, we tried her in a grobag but she didn't like them :-( E on the other hand loved them and has only just come out of hers (although refuses to have a blanket but that's another matter!)

  • We're the other way around, Zoe hated them and never slept in one.  I would tuck the blanket in so it complied with feet to foot and figured that if she was that cold she wouldn't roll away from it.

  • We use sleeping bags. M kicks off blankets! We have to go a bit up the cot as M was kicking the foot as she wiggled waking herself up! She proper whacks it! It must hurt!

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