FFP - Small Tommee Tippee CTN bottles

It was a sad day today when I had to admit that Orla probably needed more than 5oz feeds and got out the big bottles.

I have 6 of the little TT CTN bottles if anyone is interested.  Only used for 9 weeks and have brand new ring, teat & lid.  We use variflow teats so I have just taken the whole top bit off to put on the big bottles so the top bit of the big bottles will come with the little bottles (does that make sense).  Because we do cold water sterilising the bottles are slightly cloudy but there is nothing wrong with them at all.


  • If you email me on XXXX with your address I'll get them in the post in the next week.

  • Thank you! Ill stick a few ££ in a charity box x

  • JB I hope you and Orla are both doing well. I meant to ask you, did you get the perfect prep machine?

  • I did get it and I love it.  However unfortunately Miss Orla struggles with powdered formula as it makes her constipated so it hasn't had it's full use.  We stopped using powder at 3 weeks old and have only just started trying to introduce it again, so are doing one bottle a day.  The machine made making bottles up in those early days really easy.  It is a lot bigger than I expected so can't really take it up to the bedroom of an evening which I had thought i would do.  However it does allay my fears about the practicalities of making up a bottle according to the guidelines, and it is really really quick.

  • Thanks JB, I didn't realise about O, hopefully the reintro will go well. I think it looks fab and really considering one so good to hear such good reviews!

  • I wouldn't pay the full price for one.  They seemed to be on offer for £60 every month or so so it is worth keeping an eye on.  I joined Amazon Family for the 3 mth free trial (timed so had the free prime next day delivery for a month after due date for last minute panic purchases) and you get a voucher for £10 off a £50 spend or something similar which I used for the TT machine.  For £50 it is worth it, for £100 it isn't.

  • Thanks JB, likewise there's no way I'm paying £100! I already have prime so joined amazon family and I have a credit to my account for £20 or something off a £50 spend. The last few days it's been at £79.99 but as you say I've seen it cheaper more often than not and I'm in no hurry so will just keep an eye out!

    Thanks again JB x

  • Hi JB,

    Just wanted to check you got my email.

    No rush but wasnt sure you had got it x

  • I did. Sorry I thought I had replied.  I am hoping to get to the post office either tomorrow or Friday.  I have so much stuff to send but I need to parcel it all up.

  • No bother, no rush at all just wanted to check you'd received the email x

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