fireworks waking baby

Is there anything we can do to help this or are we in for a week of her waking up petrified a million times in the night???

I've always hated fireworks, even more so now they scare the bejeezus out of my baby girl :(


  • White noise? E has one to sleep with anyway so we just turn it up a little. It doesn't completely drown them out but certainly muffles the sound a bit x

  • I'd try white noise too. Beware also passing on your fear. Both of my nieces are terrified of thunder solely because their mother is. If they're alone with my brother, they're not so frightened.

  • Just one of these things. Not much you can do.

  • She sometimes has music on so might keep that going rather than iust 15 mins. I don't think she'd be as scared when they just go off when she's up, its was just the waking up from the noise that seemed to scare her. We won't be going to any displays though because i jump out of my skin at them and don't want her doing the same lol maybe when she's a bit older Daddy can take her :)

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