First AF after birth - super heavy?

After 10 1/2 months I have my first AF since birth and its super heavy. Pre birth they were average, worsw when I was younger but then calmed.  Was your first after birth bad?  did they improve? I couldn't have this every month that's for sure!

if they don't improve w would the pill be my only option to lighten them? Can you bf on it?

id forgotten all these normal womanly joys!


  • My first AF after both kids were very heavy and were a good 7 days long. They did settle down after a couple of months and went back to normal. I can't help you with your other questions x

  • If you go on the pill and want to breast feed then you have to take the mini pill not combined pill. My midwife recommended the mirena (sp?) coil as it can completely stop periods and is ok for breast feeding. It can be kept in for 5 years I think so good if you know you don't want anymore babies or want a big gap between them.
  • I posted this same question a few weeks ago as my first AF was so much heavier than normal, and im already on the pill.  I think the general consensus was it will probably get better

  • Looks like heavier is the norm then

    It's not really conducive to a normal life though - why do we have all these post baby joys to look forward to!
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