First Father's Day Gifts?

Any creative and novel ideas for H's first father's day gift? He's a buggar to buy for generally as he's not into anything keepsakey or twee (unlike me, sentimental fool who keeps everything!) so I'm really struggling to think of something. Especially as he excelled himself for mother's day, taking E to make me a fingerprint necklace. 

Any ideas? 


  • If he isn't sentimental would a photo mug be out? Or would it be too similar what he did to get E to paint him some pottery at one of those places, like a plate, etc. with something nice drawn/written?

    Or you could make a photo DVD with lots of pictures of him/you with E, and set it to his favourite songs, or songs that mean something to you as a family? I did this for H's birthday and made him cry - in a good way! He is sentimental though TBF!

  • Damn I was going to suggest fingerprint cuff links until I saw your last sentence. My H isn't sentimental either but I did the fingerprint thing and he actually wears then regularly! I also made a mug with A's footprints on which wasn't for him specifically but he still thought it was cute which surprised me. A nice photo of them both or is that too sentimental? Men are so difficult aren't they Laugh

  • Just out of interest where can you get fingerprint cuff links made?

  • We're struggling to think of things aswell

  • Sorry only just got back to this! Didn't actually know about the cufflinks, that might be a good idea actually as even though it's similar he would actually wear them and prefers 'useful' presents! Thanks guys xx

  • I was going to suggest finger print cuff links. Somewhere like this

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