Flu injection thoughts?

I appear to have the option of this 1 month before "launch date", is it worth having?


  • I'm not quite sure what you mean but if I'm offered a flu jab I always take it.

  • Thanks Isis - as its so close to baby's birth, I'm wondering if it is worth having - do you normally have any side effects?

  • I'm having mine I've had before sometimes I feel a litle bit like I'm getting a cold but it never arrives if you know what I mean? And of course arm ache! lol but nothing awful!

  • Thanks RosyLee - also just read NHS guideline which states no risk at all to baby...."no risk" scares the scientist in me - but I guess they mean very low :o)

  • Yes I guess nothing is 100% but rather have a jab than full on flu especially being heavily pregnant with only paracetamol to take! lol

  • I have it every year and had it last year when I was only about 6weeks pregnant. I do it to protect my patients more than me as I work in elderly care and with other vulnerable patient groups x

  • RosyLee/Daisy you have me convinced! These were the 2 main things going on in my head - well read! Thanks x

  • I'd much rather have the injection rather than have flu or put my newborn at risk of flu or any vulnerable people I know, it's easier just to have the injection. I don't think I even had a sore arm last time

  • Never had any side effects, did have a sore arm but that's deffo better than flu. Given their usual caution I don't think the nhs would be offering it to you if they thought there was any risk.

  • It will protect the baby once born for those first few weeks too, so def worth doing IMO. X

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