Foot stamping

How do I stop him stamping his foot every time he's told no?

9.25 and he's stamped it and "humphed" at me I out 10 times so far. 

Im so sick of arguing with him. He's knackered, I'm knackered and I just give up. 

Ive tried ignoring the foot stamping, tried putting him in his room, on the stairs.  He is 3 yrs 9 months, cheeky, naughty and just generally horrible just now. 


  • Terrible 4's early?

  • It's just horrible.

    Eventually fell asleep at 10pm, was up 7/8 times between 3 and 6 am then up for the day at 7. When I put him back in his bed he's laying screaming mummy and waking A. So everyone is shattered.

    The tantrums are now every hour, every meal is a fight, getting in the car is a fight, getting dressed is a fight. All of a sudden he has to strip to poo and can't wipe his own bum. He won't even attempt to put his clothes or shoes on, when he used to do it himself.

    Just sick of him.

  • LR have you thought of taking him to your GP about his sleep, see if they can refer you to someone? Not sure what the answer is but it's no wonder you are all struggling if he's waking that often x

  • I'm not sure what a GP can do about sleep? Would they be interested?

    I genuinely do think tiredness is have the problem, he is tired and grumpy and I'm tired and short tempered.

  • Not sure, but they may be able to advise strategies or refer to someone who can? Maybe even just ask for a telephone appointment save you going in?

  • C is the same age and is also being a pain right now. She went though the foot stamping thing a while ago, we ignored it and she eventually stopped. Do you have a reward chart?  

    We have a system where we have stones we put in a good jar and a naughty jar (some people don't like the word naughty, but it doesn't bother me, although had I thought about it more I could have used happy and sad stones). When she complies, does something nice, stays in her room without shouting all night (unless she's ill) works and behaves at nursery etc. she gets good stones. When she doesn't comply, has a tantrum for no apparent reason, refuses to do as we ask etc. we put in a naughty stone. At night we compare the jars and go through what she has received each stone for. If she has more good stones she gets money for her piggy bank (pocket money early I suppose) and draws a smiley face on her chart in green,  if there is the same or there are more stones in the naughty jar she doesn't get the money and we draw on a big sad face in red. She HATES getting a sad face and not being allowed to draw it herself. This system has sort of evolved since she was about 2 1/2 as she turned into a monster then. She loves counting out the stones and it's helped her maths as she can say who has more and by how many, which number is bigger or smaller etc.

  • Thanks for that. I like the stone idea. Might try that with marbles.

    I bought a reward chart the other day but haven't even attempted to use it as I honestly don't think he will get any smiles :-(

  • We use those shiny stones you get in vases. She loves them. You may find that for the first day or so he will try really hard to get the stones and you may need to be a little bit more lenient i.e. pretend not to see all of the foot stamping etc. Go through the things that he can do to get stones in his jar and the things that he does that will mean that you'll have stones in your jar and make a huge deal out of him getting the first couple of stones. C also decorated her jar with lots of pretty stickers, while my jar is plain. Some weeks she gets a smile every day, others, she struggles to get 2 or 3 smiles. We also compete to get a record day; as many good stones as she can without any in the naughty jar. We're currently aiming for 9!

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