For fun: best age, 0-5 ?


Thought it would be nice to hear others' views on the best age of little ones, whether it's cutest, most fun, most rewarding, or anything at all really.

What age do you like best, from birth to 5, and why?


  • I think this is a hard one as I usually think whatever the current stage is is the best one. N is 5 in December and I think apart from the cute baby/toddler stage this is my favourite so far. We can have a proper conversation(even if it is about electricity like last week!), we can joke around, he is less fiery. He's turning into a lovely funny and sweet boy. I did not like the 1-3 stage for tantrums and challenging behaviour!

    So far with A this is my favourite stage, she's not quite mobile yet although she's trying, she smiles at anyone and anything and is quite an easygoing baby. I'm a bit scared of the toddler years but looking forward to seeing the cute things they do at the same time.

  • Newborn. They eat, they sleep. Nothing hard about that. They're cute and squishy, what's not to love?

    Dislike the stage J is at. He's 2, and is finding himself. He is demanding, doesn't stop talking, is too young to blackmail.

    I definitely think 0, or 5. Inbetween, I could do without.

  • 6 months plus

  • I've found every age hard Weep

    Isaacs new born days were his best, he are [a lot] and slept a lot

    Ls best age was 20 months to 2.5 as he got us through loosing william and he's good now at 4 though (sometimes)

  • CK

    6 months plus

    exactly thIs!

  • Despite the fact I am regularly in tears, the stage mine are at now has been my favourite so far. They are two and three and they seem like proper little people now. Just starting to understand reasoning, they have proper conversations and I love all the questions. Sometimes they do drive me crazy repeating the why why why but actually I love that they want to know everything. They're like sponges! Other than this stage I'd say about 18 months when everything is just so exciting to them. Starting to get words and are easily walking around. So cute!

    I hate the newborn bit. Crying crying crying, no 'reward' back. It's exhausting. You have no sleep, no gratitude. Ha ha.

  • I like newborn til about 18 months. Really not liking 4 year olds just now!

  • Babies under 1 are just a bit lost on me - i am completely over newborns. The twins are coming up to 16 months and are pretty cool - much more fun, proper little personalities and can't answer me back yet! Years 2 and 3 with my eldest have been hard work but when she is nice she is very, very nice but when she is bad she is horrid (or so the rhyme goes)!

  • I found about 9 months to about 2 hard going. She was either teething, suffering from terrible separation anxiety which meant I couldn't leave her for a minute or throwing herself on the floor in tantrums during that time. I remember thinking that if she was this horrid at 19 months what was she going to be like at 2? In fact she was much improved and I enjoyed 2 onwards more.

    Overall there are have been good bits and bad bits at every stage.

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