Formula fed newborn - how much poo ?

I really thought second time around I wouldn't be worrying about these type of things but here I am.

Orla is 3 weeks old today.  She very rarely poos.  She seemed normal for the first week but since then we have maybe a poo every 5 days.  We thought she was constipated and the community midwife advised cooled boiled water, after 4 days of pretty much force feeding her water I rang the hospital midwives who said to switch to ready made formula and if no poo in 24 hrs go to dr.   Seen by paeds dr on Sunday who said "give cooled boiled water, if carries on see GP".  So we are now on Thursday and have had 2 poos in that time.

Zoe pooed at almost every nappy change but then it turns out she had some food intolerances which was probably affecting things.  Is 2 poos within 6 days normal ?  Do I go to the GP ? 

She is also displaying all the familiar signs of reflux, so the chemist has ordered me in a tub of the prescription formula we used with Zoe and I'm going to try that.  If it works then I will be going straight to the GP for a prescription (chemist said can only do 1 as a trial without prescription) as am not faffing around with the drugs when i know last time that the formula solved it straight away.  I don't know whether the poo issue can be linked to reflux in anyway. 


  • Sorry no advice but I missed you having named her.  Gorgeous name!

  • Jemima was on premature baby formula and would sometimes go as long as 9 day without pooing. She was in no way bothered by this. Just telling you for reference really. No idea about reflux thing, sorry.

    P.s. was their an official name announcement for Orla? That got my vote :-)

  • IIRC maybe twice a day. When we switched to Aptamil Comfort briefly to help with his wind, that seemed to make him go more. I later read that the comfort can help with constipation. I never doing that cooled booked water helped much to be honest.

  • H is a once a day girl now but was going at every feed before then. Is she in pain? When she goes, is it loads?

  • F is uncomfortable if he doesn't go everyday which is difficult at the minute as his formula is making them quite solid. Before it was was almost every feed but this must have been down to his intolerance. Have you tried a touch of brown sugar in her water? A tiny bit should help move things along naturally.

  • Initially E would poo after every nappy change,  then at six weeks stopped and went ten days without. We got the point of using lactose as she was very uncomfortable. We switched on to aptimal comfort because I thought she was lactose intolerant and it's 60% less lactose and also deals with constipation.  Then we got to once a day.  Two days tops. Then we had after every feed again when we started weaning and a trip back to the doctor confirmed she was lactose intolerant... so im not sure how helpful This is,  if it turns out she's had the intolerance all along..

    Is she in any pain with it?  What she like when she does go?  E would spend hours screaming and writhing around then make poo noises for a long time with straining and no end result.  If not in pain personally I wouldn't be too worried.  Hope that the reflux milk helps too.  

  • Forgot to add if you haven't been already it might benefit you to keep a diary of the reflux symptoms on current milk and then on the new milk. This is how I've got it prescribed after a bit of a battle but Dr wanted to see improvement on LF milk compared to the aptimal comfort.

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