Formula feeding and sleep advice-6 week old

For several reasons, our lo is now being bottle fed. I was still breast feeding at this stage with our first so have a few questions. At the moment, there is no way he can go longer than 3 hours between feeds in the day , sometimes nearer 2 . I think it is a growth spurt. He has between 3 and 4 oz at a time. does this sound about right ? He was going for a stretch of almost 5 hours at night but has gone back to waking nearer 2-3 hours again. Could this be the growth spurt too ? Thanks in advance ! 


  • Yep sounds like a growth spurt. However I fed on demand as I believe that's right for a newborn, no need for routines, watching sleep patterns etc. Just go with baby.

  • It sounds like a classic growth spurt. F would nearly always go 3 hours between feeds but only 1.5-2 hours during growth spurts. We found the little table on the tub of formula helpful as a rough guide but also the following link helpful too:

    Some nights he'd feed and then carry on crying. We would spend ages trying to work out what the problem was, as we assumed he surely couldn't still be hungry, and as a last resort try another bottle and it did the trick. He was obviously still hungry and we didn't see what was right in front of us!

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