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As part of the Community Top Tips element of the site, we are inviting forum members to share their experience and expertise on a variety of topics.  Stripey has kindly gathered all your feedback on getting started with / using cloth nappies and we've created a new article, under the 'Bump to Baby' section, with all your input:

Thank you Stripey for co-ordinating this!  If any of you would like to pull together some tips on a particular subject, for inclusion in the TTC, Bump to Baby or Bigger Kids sections, please add a comment here or drop me a note at [email protected]


  • Nice one! Love the nice bright image too :) As that's what cloth nappies are all about really, looking pretty!!

  • Looks good but can i ask why there is a direct link to little lamb - are they sponsoring the page?

  • Ooo I've been quoted! The way it's set up should make it easy to add to it should new things arrive. As there's already a link to little lambs, would it be a good idea to have asection of links to other popular online retailers that people could look at when trying to make a decision. Real nappy week is worth a mention too. This is normally in April/May, but if you're pregnant and can wait that long, or just feel the need to increase your stash, thats's when the best offers are around.

  • Hi CK / LWO - we have included direct links to three companies (Little Lambs, The Nappy Lady & Fill Your Pants), as these were the sites recommended by those who contributed to Stripey's thread and we felt that they were useful links for people who were new to cloth nappies.  The article is not sponsored by any of these companies.

    I would be happy to include a section of links to other popular cloth nappy retailers if you feel this is valuable.  Likewise the inclusion of Real Nappy week sounds like a good idea.


    Really useful for an intro to cloth nappies, also has links to real nappy week     Online retailers

    Will add more when i think of them.

  • Thanks Little Welsh One

  • Looks great so far. I do think if you're going to include retailers you should probably add the most popular ones too (TotsBots, Bumgenius etc)

  • I also found very good and would recommend these

  • Looks great. And I feel kind of famous as I've been quoted!! :)

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