Forward facing car seat as a spare for H's car

I is still rear facing in my car at nearly two and a half years old and we are keeping her that way but H has just bought a car and due to his lankiness he can't have either S in her stage 0 or I in her rear facing behind him.

We have decided to get a forward facing seat for her for occasional use when we are all in his car (if they go out just the two of them he can put her rear facing seat behind the passenger seat so it won't be used very often at all).

We will also use this seat if the olds ever want to take her out so criteria are isofix as we have it, easy to put in with a seatbelt for my Dads car, cost up to £200.

Which seat do you recommend?  We willbe trying some out soon but like to have recs.  Her rf seat is a Klippan Triofix if that has any bearing.



  • I would go for a Britax Evolva 123 as that way it will be the only seat you need, you are quite late on for buying a forward facing stage 1 seat and she is only likely to get a year or so out of it.  With the Evolva it will convert in to a HBB when you reach that point.  

    Zoe was forward facing in my mums car a long time before she was in ours and she was perfectly fine going between the two.

  • Thanks jb, will have a look at it.

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