Friday 1st Tri

Morning all & happy valentines day!

anyone have any nice plans? We are off to a comedian tomorrow night. Fridays are generally my worst day so tonight I will be in bed by 7pm, usually crying because I feel so sorry for myself!

 TMI - is anyone getting really bad diarrhea? Every morning without fail - its gross & smelly beyond the belief. It's bright orange as well. Also if I sneeze, cough etc I get a really sharp pain across my lower abdoman & it takes my breath away for a moment - any ideas?

hi to all who follow & I hope I haven't grossed anyone out!!!!!



  • Morning.

    Lovely post to read while eating breakfast!;) I've got no idea about that I'm afraid. What comedian are you seeing?

    Not much to report here, just really tired! One more day then it's half term! No valentines plans we don't really do valentines day. Off to my parents this weekend so that should be nice, but we aren't telling them yet so I hope they don't guess!

  • Morning SaSaSi!

    My belly has been very much one way it the other. Bunged up or squitty! I am still using suppositories twice a day as part of my pregnancy support hormones (as it was a frozen cycle, no ovulation happened, and ovulation is a key to making your body produce all the good stuff). I can't help but wonder if they are contributing towards the upset belly. I have a sensitive belly anyway, doesn't take much to make it unhappy. Only 3 more weeks of meds though, then we are flying solo (well as a threesome!).

    Not much planned for the weekend. I work at a university in the admissions department and we have a visit day tomorrow so am working the afternoon (but having next Friday off to compensate!). Sunday I will probably be a vegetable :)

    As per - Not much news!! Happy Valentines Day!  H has been working away this week so will be nice to have him back tonight :)

  • Missed you there Bunny! Woop for half term!

  • Morning ducky. Sounds like that could be the cause for your funny tummy. I like the sound of your Sunday!! I think all pregnant women should be allowed one day a week where we do absolutely nothing!

  • Morning all!! Last day of 1st tri for me, I can't believe I've come this far after the mc last year.

    No real plans here. I'm not in work for a week (joys of shift work) so having a very lazy day today. At some point I will go to get stuff to make a valentines cake for hubby. I have a heart shaped tin, and cake is about all he'll be getting! We don't make a big deal though, cards, cake and cooking a nice meal together is always better than expensive gifts and crowded restaurants.

    Saturday, I think we'll pop over to Stratford to see my parents, and have a wander round town there. I want a little look in Mothercare (sleep bra, maternity swimsuit, and a general recce) and may take Mum for a coffee.

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and see you very soon in 2nd tri!!!!

     Quick edit, just been downstairs and he left a huge bouquet of flowers and a card for me before he left for work. Yet the silly man completely missed the card I'd left out for him! Ah well, he can have it later :-)

  • Morning all!

    SaSaSi - Enjoy your night out tomorrow, who are you seeing? Can't help with your TMI question unfortunately but hope it settle down soon.

    Bunny - Yay to nearly being half term! Enjoy your weekend with your parents.

    Ducky - Enjoy your lazy day on Sunday.

    Barefoot - would love to see a photo of the cake when finished! How lovely of him to leave you flowers.

    AFM, nothing really to report pregnancy wise. Fortunately, that ache/niggle in my hip has settled down - looks like I just did too much on Wednesday. Other than that, I'm so unbelievably tired. I slept pretty well last night but have woken up feeling like I've not slept in a month! F is at nursery today so once I've done the food shop and some housework I might grab 40 winks on the sofa. Have a good day all x

  • Morning ladies, happy valentine's day!

    Sasasi - hope you have a good time tomorrow. I can't help with the squits to be honest...I have them on a regular basis due to my Crohn's Disease but pregnancy seems to be helping me in that department *touches wood* It's probably just all the hormones etc.

    Bunny - enjoy half term. Hope your parents don't guess!

    Ducky - lazy day sounds awesome. It;ll be lovely to have Mr Ducky home.

    Barefoot - what a lovely hubby, I've had b*gger all but then we don't really do valentines. Good luck in 2nd tri

    WG - glad you're not in pain anymore. Try and get some rest where you can, I was in bed at 9pm last night.

    AFM - all fine here. Tired and SO glad it's almost the weekend! Counting down the days until my MW appt on 25th Feb. I'll be ten weeks exactly by you think they'll be able to find a heartbeat by then?

    Have a good day all xx

  • Happy Valentines day everyone!

    SaSaSi - I'm totally with you on the diarreha, I've had it since I got a positive, it's so horrible as can't take anything for it either! Hopefully it'll settle down soon.

    Bunny - enjoy half term & seeing your parents.

    Ducky - your Sunday sounds perfect.

    Barefoot - sounds like you've got a busy few days ahead. yay to the second tri and how sweet of your husband to get you flowers.
  • Sorry, I'm posting from my phone and it seems I'm limited to how much I can write.

    WG - glad the aches have gone, have a nap this afternoon, sod the housework!

    Gavi - exciting you've got your midwife soon. Do they then book you in for your scan? I've heard different things about when they can hear the heartbeat, guess it depends on a lot of things, fingers crossed though.

    AFM - I've had a really busy week, I've got a stall at a fair tomorrow though to sell some things I make, my firs
  • Bunny - I did forwarn with a TMI lol Im going to see Neil Delamere - hes an Irish comedian ( I am from NI) but hes a regular at Edinburgh Comedy Festival and stuff, He is really good so I am looking forward to it, hopefully I can stay awake! Hopefully you get a good rest at your parents this wkend and come home feeling refreshed!

    Ducky - I learn something new everyday, I didnt know that about ovulation! Im still so so happy for your pregnancy, its just amazing! I work for a uni as well - Postgraduate Student Officer although things are relatively quiet at the mo (touch wood!) I always thought you worked in a science field as you are so knowledgeable!

    WG - glad the niggles have settled down - very good excuse to go easy on the housework for a while! Hope you get well rested at wkend. Can you nap when F is in nursery?

    Gavi - they will absolutely be able to see the heartbeat! At 7 weeks I seen a more prominent white bit beating & it was the heart -I didnt get to hear it (didnt think of asking to be honest) I was just so glad to see it. Hope the 25th Feb flies in for you!

    Picklepants - hope the fair goes well for you! Im glad Im not alone in the toilet dept - its so horrible!

  • Busy on here this morning!

    SaSaSi - I think its just you're likely to be more sensitive now and things are more relaxed down there. Happy 12 weeks!

    Bunny - have fun at your parents!

    Ducky - enjoy being with your H tonight!

    BF - have fun in second tri

    WG - have a nice nap!

    Gavi - they might be able to but it is hard to find at that point as they are so small!

    PP - hope you sell lots tomorrow - what are you selling?

    AFM: So glad its Friday. Got my meeting at 11am and I'm nervous! I've woken up today feeling more energetic, still nauseous and been sick a couple of times but dont feel half as bad as I have done this week. However I do feel like my pelvis is widening which is uncomfortable! Assuming that is normal??

  • Browny all the best of luck with your meeting! All will work out for the best, try to keep positive. Come back and let us know?

    Glad you are feeling slightly less nauseous this morning. Funny I said the other day I feel wider, its def normal. Have ordered maternity jeans from Next, FX they do the job!

  • Morning!  Busy thread this morning!  Sorry for lack of personals only have a few minutes.

    I'm off out tonight, but not with MrDD - just got my usual singing rehearsal.  We exchanged presents this morning, I got some lovely flowers and chocs, he got slippers and chocs!  Maybe I'll get to see him for 1/2 hour before I go out later!

    All ok baby wise other than the nausea, just waiting for scan letter to come through and wondering when I should consider chasing for it - I'll be 10 weeks on Sunday so it should be in just over 2 weeks time.  Didn't get a 12 weeks scan on NHS last time so no idea how far in advance to expect it (had early one at 8 weeks, and wasn't allowed another).

  • Hi All,

    Apologies for my absence but its been crazy to put it in a nutshell!. Since telling my boss at 7 weeks (as I had to cancel a trip to HKG – no way was I flying there again whilst pregnant – for those of you who don’t know I had a MC whilst there on business last June) she is at full panic mode as to who is cover my job from July until I’m back. I am the # 2 so to speak with all the responsibility of keeping the office running. She proceeded to engage a head hunter to find someone to cover me – who thank God as not yet been found as I have only got a new computer software to update my project Management last week!  Anyway - I REALLY was stressed thinking someone new would start any day and I wasn’t ready to work someone new in. It all was way too quick for me and I told her that I could’nt think straight until I was 12 weeks and had at least the ok from my doctor that the First Trimester Screening was ok. She sort of understood but it was a stressful few weeks!!

    Anyway - had my Screening yesterday and EVERYTHING is fine!!! I am low risk for all the usual gene disorders thank God and the doctor guessed at 80% that it will be a another girl – which I am secretly thrilled about as I think 2 girls are lovely, plus I have all Little Sues pink clothes still!!!!

    We got a great photo which is a front on of the baby showing her hands up by her face – the quality of the photo isn’t the best but I swear on the original we can see her smiling!!


    I cannot wait for tomorrow – we’ll be sitting Little Sue down and telling her, then my parents in Ireland – the plan is to do a Face time/Skype with Little Sue wearing a t-shirt saying ‘’I’m going to be a big sister’’ and let them learn the news that way.

    Tomorrow I am 13 weeks (only 1 more week until 2nd Trimester) and feeling MUCH better – no more sickness and energy is back. My hormones have settled too and I am feeling a lot more upbeat thank God.

    SaSaSi – Hope you start feeling better – that sounds GRIM!!!!

    Bunny – Huge Congrats – was thrilled to see you on the 1st Trimester thread. Wishing you a quiet 9 months and a healthy baby

    Ducky – Hope the next 3 weeks pass quickly that you will finally med free!

    Barefoot – Enjoy the weekend and loving your husbands flowers!

  • Gavi - I was also in bed by 9pm last. I think I have heard of them picking up a heartbeat at 10 weeks - when I was pregnant with F, they didn't check for it until my 16 week appointment.

    PicklePants - haha, I'd love to say sod the housework and that's probably what I'd tell others to do but I'm my own worst enemy. I think I'm a bit OCD! Hope you sell lots at the fair tomorrow.

    SaSaSi - I might grab a nap this afternoon once I've got some bits and pieces done. I've just tackled Aldi and lets just say I'm glad to get home - talk about busy!

    Browny - all the best for your meeting, let us know how it goes.

    DeeDee - I might be inclined to wait and see if your appointment arrives today. If not, I'd maybe call them on Monday. IIRC, when pregnant with F, my appointment letter arrived the week before which was a right pain trying to book the time off work. Enjoy your rehearsal tonight.

    Sue - what a stressful time you've had, I'm glad it seems to be easing off a little now. Fab scan photo!

  • Thanks WG, post has already been today though and it hasn't arrived - next chance I'd get to call is on Thursday since I'll be working Mon to Wed and not really have an opportunity to ring, guess I'll wait until then.  I don't usually have a problem with getting time off for appointments fortunately, and can work from home if it ends up being in the middle of the day.

    Great scan picture Sue x

  • Meeting went ok - managed to get through it without crying which surprised me! I've been provisionally selected (which I knew anyway) and one other person has too: baring in mind they are making 1 or 2 redundant means I probably am going to be. I want to be anyway, and was planning on saying that in the meeting but I chickened out. I did say that I had been considering changing specialism or career for a while, so hopefully they gaged from that that I'm not happy. They haven't said if there is scope to change to another department yet but I made it clear I would consider doing so. I forgot to ask how long until I know the final decision, but I would expect it'll be next week sometime.

    At least its over for now. Feel like asking to go home - I have no work to do and I am stressed out by the whole thing.

    DD - I chased mine up last Friday, when I was 10+4 and they hadnt booked it yet but did it over the phone. Maybe wait until Monday?

    Sue - great scan pic!


  • SaSaSi - I used to work in Science, but blinking hated it and left for a completely different job last year. A paper I worked on was published yesterday, so I am a published author in Cell journal. Wooo! But these days I much prefer working with people and students and academics. Much more 'me'.

    Darn I can't go back to the previous page now!

    Browny - Glad the meeting is over. I hope you can relax a bit now.

    Sue - Fab scan picture.

    Gavi - I don't think the midwife will try and find it. I can find the twins' heartbeats quite easily, but then I know where to look for them! I don't think they will want to panic you if they can't find it so most wait until 16 weeks.

    And I forgot the rest! Sorry, I'm useless. Hello to you all though x

  • Thanks all.

    We haven't told H's parents yet and they get back from Spain the day of our midwife appt (and H wants to tell them then)...I'd feel a bit more comfortable with a little reminder that Bubble is still in there before telling them. Might ask him to wait until after 12 week scan as two weeks won't make much difference.

  • For WG and anyone else who wants a nosey, here's the cake I've made for hubby. The top heart cracked coming out of the tin but I don't think it matters. Chocolate cake with raspberry cream and fresh raspberries. Yummm!

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