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Friday 2nd tri

Morning all. 

Sorry i I didn't make it back on yesterday, work was manic then I had pregnancy yoga in the evening, and wasn't home till half nine. Yoga has moved into a new studio and it's all warm and cosy which was nice. I'm off today with J, he's been in a lovely mood for most of the week so I'm really hoping that continues today. We're going to a toddler group this morning, and swimming this afternoon, so we've plenty planned. Babywise not much to report, Attila had a slightly quieter day yesterday but I think it was position as I felt a little bit low down and not much up top. Silly anterior placenta. It's my last day in tri 2 today, then I graduate to the big girls tomorrow! 

Hope everyone one has a fun Friday. 


  • Hello everyone I'm 14 weeks today so thought I'd move over from first tri! Still can't believe I've got this far.

    SG - have a lovely day with J! Hope he behaves lol. You are leaving just as I arrive but good luck in third tri!

    AFM - I thought I'd introduce myself for those that don't know me, I'm browny, 29 as is my H. We were TTC for almost 2 years, got a BFP on fourth round of clomid last sept with twins but that sadly ended in MMC as they were both 'blighted ovums'. One cycle inbetween then we got another BFP first round of clomid later. Had a rough first tri - been horribly sick which has eased somewhat now but still getting splitting headaches. I was made redundant on Monday but dont have to work my notice so currently on the worlds earliest maternity leave! Technically employed until mid-April so I don't feel so guilty for being at home at the moment. X

  • Good morning! It's only blooming Friday! :)

    SG I hope J is a good boy today and you have a lovely day. Glad to hear yoga is even better now, cosy and warm sounds lovely. Good luck in 3rd tri! Eeeeek!!!!

    Browny- welcome to 2nd tri! :) I've been following your pregnancy and  redundancy on 1st tri- I'm a nosey snooper. I hope now you're here you get an easier ride.

    AFM I am tired! Bad nights sleep, booo! But, because it's Friday it's way more bearable. I'm off to my parents house tonight, they love in the Isle of Man so we fly out at 7 ish, just got to hope C gets home from work quickly otherwise we might not make it!

    Happy feet was so lovely and active  yesterday, and even better...... C felt them kick!!!  We are both so happy that he's felt it, I've been certain for a few days he'd be able to but last night was the first time. Once he put his hand on my tummy the baby was going mad kicking away! :)

  • Morning all :) Yahoo TFIF haha!

    SG - how lovely to hear that little J has been a joy, long may it continue and your yoga class sounds very good, glad you are enjoying it. Ooo you are moving on up haha, we'll be along soon, enjoy your time during 3rd tri.

    Browny - how absolutely wonderful to see you over here, so bloomin chuffed for you. Sorry to hear you've had a sicky time of it thus far, hopefully with 2nd tri you will start to feel a bit better and not one of the poor ladies that has sickness all the way through. Welcome and enjoy your rest from work :)

    imp - I absolutely love it when baby kicks and your H can feel it, can you see HF moving yet? That is such a miracle when that happens :) I hope your flight is good and I bet you can't wait to see your folks and let them have a feel too hehe :) Its so special right now! Sorry you had a crap nights sleep, me too, I hope you sleep better over the weekend.

    AFM - I'm a broken record, another crap nights sleep, in a lot discomfort could hardly move in bed and woke up a couple of times with heartburn and a splitting headache at the back of my head, took some pills and seems much better today, just feel a bit 'not with it' today. But we are now 26wks woohoo! His little feet are now 2" in length and weighs just under 2lbs awww and I could feel him and see him through my tummy today again, which is ace!

    Happy Friday everyone and hope you all have lovely weekends planned. I hope to pop back in later but during the day it's pretty hit and miss, sorry!



  • Imp - lovely that  your H got to feel HF kick! Can't wait to get to that stage :)

    LeeLee - thanks for the warm welcome :)  hope you have a better night tonight!  X

  • Morning everyone

    Spikey - oh my you are graduating onto the next stage!! Good luck :)

    Browny - welcome! Have you many plans to fill your time? Def earliest maternity leave award is winging its way to you!

    Imp - sounds like a lovely wkend ahead! I agree, a bad thur night is no where near as bad as a mon, tue or wed!

    LeeLee - you are very clued up on your developments! I cant wait to start feeling things inside my tummy!

    AFM - yea to Friday, such a busy wk at work - if I stayed off here & facebook I would get so much more done though lol Just the usual symptoms still :( 15 weeks today though, surely they are bound to ease off soon!

    Hi to all who follows!

  • SG - Eeek last day in 2nd tri! Have a lovely day with J.

    Browny - lovely to see you :) hope the headaches ease soon.

    Imp - have a nice time seeing your parents. I can't wait for when H can feel the kicks. Every time she's kicking hard enough and I put his hand on my belly she stops!

    LeeLee - really hope the bad nights sleep and discomfort stops soon.

    It's a duvet day for me! My voice has begun to return but I ended up sleeping upright for most of the night then got woken up by heavy wind and rain before moving downstairs to sleep (sort of) on the sofa. Thankfully it's comfortable and the cat snuggled in to keep me company.

  • Spikeygoodness - Wow last day on the 2nd tri!  hope you have a nice day with J today

    Browny - welcome to the 2nd tri Wave sorry to hear about your redundency but it's nice that you are getting an extended maternity leave

    Imp - boo for no sleep but good news about getting away for the weekend, have a lovely time.

    LeeLee - sorry you are still so uncomfortable, have you tried a pregnancy pillow to help?  mine is coming out the loft this weekend as I am getting pains starting in my hips and its generally of a night.

    SaSaSi - I know totally what you mean, I spend an hour on here then panic as I have so much work to do!! Laugh

    Ixia - good news that you are feeling a bit better and have a day of rest today, fingers crossed you will feel much brighter for the weekend.

    AFM - thank crunchy its friday!!!  I really need a lie in, little one has dancing tomorrow at 9 but at least sunday I should get some kind of rest.  Poor Molly had me up in the night cause she had wet the bed, she was totally beside herself. I think she thought I would be angry but it has never happened bless her, course I wasn't angry, but by time I changed the bed and calmed her down to sleep and got back into bed, OH was up for work and moaning about his sore throat so that was that for me and sleep - 5am is not my favourite time to be getting up for work!!  Baby wise, I am getting a few movements now and again but I cannot wait for more movements to start and to be able to feel/see baby moving.  According to babycentre baby doubles in size over the next few weeks as they have a growth spurt at 16 weeks - I am going to end up the size of a house I know it!

  • SG, good luck in 3rd tri, see you very soon (eek!)

    Browny, hiya!!  So pleased to see you here.  I'm also in earliest mat leave, though in a different situation.  I resigned from the national trust just as I got my bfp, went to France with my husband for his work for a few months, and now I'm back in England I only work casually at the BM, so only 2-8 days a month depending on whether there's any school holidays.  I do feel a bit useless, but not much to be done about it now.  Anyways, ENJOY your time off, and hopefully it will make your pregnancy easier on you.

    Imp, how did he react to feeling it?  Ant has only felt a couple flutterings and he just goes, "was that baby?" Incredulously.  Have a great time at your parents'!

    LL, happy lettuce day (I think that what we are now)!  Hopefully the crap sleep will get better, but having heard what third tri is like, I'm not sure it will *cry*. You're not alone, though, especially on the heartburn front.

    Sas, if work doesn't ease off soon you should say something, maybe?  

    Ixia, enjoy the duvet day, and I hope your voice comes back in time for work tomorrow.  

    Nina, bless her it's tough being a kid.  Hope you get to sleep early tonight!

    AFM, I've done a bit more and finished the expedit doors and drawers and it looks ace!  Wispa and I were cuddling a but this morning and she heard something outside and gave baby a right wallop with her hind legs as she got up, scared the life out of me, so cue me waiting there to feel baby wriggle a bit, and phew she did, so yay.  I've got to rush out the door now, as I've got my museum volunteer induction in 20 minutes.  Hi to all who follow!

  • Morning,

    SG - pregnancy yoga sounds good, would you recommend it? Happy last day on 2nd tri and good luck tomorrow with the big girls! You're day sounds lovely, much better than mine.

    Browny - hello! Nice to "see" you here. I think I remember from 1st tri that the redundancy was welcome and I hope you have lots to keep you busy but for now it must be so nice to have some lazy days.

    Imp - have a lovely time at your parents. How amazing for C that he felt happy feet kicking away! Must've made his day/month/year

    Leelee - so sorry you're not feeling any better. Do you know why you're getting so many headaches? At least seeing your bubs move can cheer you up a bit cos constant headaches sound so miserable.

    Sasasi - hope the rubbish stuff goes soon for you. I always think that but it's always much more interesting on here than it is at work!

    Ixia - sounds like you need a good duvet day! Glad you're feeling a bit better but take it easy today.

    NB - Oh bless Molly. 5am isn't the most pleasesant time to get up no. Hope you get your lie in on Sunday, sounds like you need it! Especially if you're going through a growth spurt soon! I bet you look lovely and not house like at all

    AFM - we have a meeting about the redundancy situation today. My choices are leave and get some money but no SMP as they've moved the date forward so I won't be 25 weeks and I will only be able to have 6 months with the baby OR take any job they offer despite the fact it will be unrelated to my career just to tide me over til post mat leave. Up until they changed the date I was prepared for going but I think now I need to stay and put up with whatever jobs are free at the time. Hopefully it won't do my career too much damage to take 18 months out.... Little bit frustrating but my family needs to come first and that means having money for our house and longer with my bean. My first career vs family decision. I'm a grown up!

  • wispa missed you! So exciting that your house is getting all set up! And good luck for your induction day. I think it was you that asked about the redundancy so I've finally remembered to answer it haha.

  • Good luck in 3rd tri SG!

    Browny! Good to see you here. Enjoy you chance to put your feet up. I hope the sickness stops.

    Imp- I'm with you on how rubbish it is when you're tired. Great news about the kicking though! Enjoy your break.

    Leelee- it must be hard to be so tired, it just makes everything do much harder. But great that he is growing do well and you can see and feel him.

    Sasasi- yay to Friday, hope the symptoms ease soon.

    Ixia - hope you enjoy your duvet day.

    Nina- how exciting that you can feel movement, hope Sunday gives you a lie in.

    Wispa, hope the induction goes well. It sound interesting, what type of museum is it? You asked yesterday if they could do my nuchal? It's up to 14+1, for testing so I was very lucky to sneak in there and they did it. Not sure when I find out, midwife apt is 3.5 weeks away.

    I'm still loving telling people but I did get a bit annoyed today. I've had a few 'I thought you'd never get on with it' and 'what took you so long?' Type comments. So far I have smiled and moved the subject on but today a friend said how great it was that it had happened so quickly and so I ended up saying actually its taken close to two years and has been really hard, but luckily were there now. Maybe I made feel her bad, she looked surprised when i said it but I just couldn't stop myself. I also told two friends who are struggling to conceive. They both text back their congratulations, but I feel for them as I know how hard it can be.

  • Morning!

    SG, enjoy your day with J and good luck in 3rd tri! Eeek, thats where people have babies!!

    Browny, welcome to 2nd tri! Glad your sickness has eased, hope your headaches ease soon too.

    Imp, sorry you had a bad night's sleep but I'm so excited to hear that C felt Happy Feet!! Such lovely news xx Enjoy your weekend with your parents.

    LeeLee, sorry you had another bad night, fingers crossed for a better night tonight. Happy 26 weeks!

    SaSaSi, I dread to think how  much of my life I waste on the internet! Happy 15 weeks to you :)

    Ixia, glad your voice is starting to return. Take it easy today and I hope you're fully recovered in time for the weekend.

    NB, poor Molly. I hope she enjoys her dancing tomorrow and that you get a lovely lie in on Sunday.

    Wispa, hope your induction at the museum goes well. I can't wait to see a flash of your finished nursery :)

    Jonesy, I think that sounds like the most sensible option in the long run. I'm sure your career will survive an 18 month break, and you have a valid excuse to explain the gap away. Further along the line, when you career is back on track, I would just omit the different job from my cv anyway.

    AFM, I'm delivering a workshop this afternoon and then it's the weekend, hurrah. Planning to have Saturday off to chill and then I'll be working again on Sunday (but from the comfort of home in my pjs, so it's not too bad!). Nothing much to report baby wise, getting bigger and rounder now :)

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Sorry RC, missed you there! I've had those comments too. In fact my mum asked me the other day if I'd followed the 'family tradition' of falling quickly. No, it took 16 months actually! I hope your friends who are struggling can take some comfort in seeing that it can and does happen eventually. Good luck to them x

  • SaSaSi - hello lovely :) yes a few plans here and there. I'll be spending next week up north with my mum and sister (she's taken the week off bless her) as well as the last week n March. Going to Iceland second to last week in March for a long weekend. Then we're planning on moving up north in the next couple of months so that will keep me occupied house hunting and sorting all our crap out! We're also putting on an exhibition of my dad's artwork so we need to sort through his work and decide what to exhibit. So I doubt I'll even notice being off! To be honest the last couple of days I've really started enjoying it rather than being upset/feeling guilty. Hope work isn't too crazy for you, and the symptoms disappear very soon x

    Ixia - enjoy your duvet day and hope you feel better soon :)

    Ninabeanie - you sound like you had a horrible night - hope tonight is better.

    Wispa - my cat has pressed her back legs into me a couple of times to get up and I've been worried but so far so good. Probably should stop her sitting on me but I love having cuddles :) Glad everything is ok!

    Jonesey - its a tough one, if your maternity package makes that much difference to you being able to spend more time with baby then I'd definitely say take what they offer, within reason of course! Couldnt you stretch the truth a little on your CV anyway?!

    RC - My sister said to me 'its about time' but thats the only comment we've had thank god so I didn't say anything. I think my mum suspects but she hasn't asked. I can't imagine telling friends that are struggling, but good on you for being tactful. We have a couple of friends who I think might be struggling but they haven't said anything. I did tell them privately at the weekend that we struggled to conceive and I was on fertility drugs, just in case so they know. It is really hard though. Have you told everyone now?

    Figaro - Hope your Saturday is nice and relaxing! Boo to working on a Sunday!

  • Nina - I have just texted my husband to say have the electric blanket on for me coming home, I am jumping straight into bed! haha Hope the wee lady is in better form now. I have a real big belly but I always had - thankfully it is starting to look like a baby bump though!

    Wispa - sounds like a productive morning! I miss those :( my manager is off sick and we are not sure when she will be back - could be a week, a month, they dont know what is wrong with her & they dont want to replace her if she will be back soon. If I was in better form it wouldnt be so bad but I am tired etc and just not up to it.

    Jonesy - thats a hard decision to make and its hard to tell what the future holds! Hope its not stressing you out. What does your OH think?

    RC - people can be so insensitive. My FIL said 'at last' and the swear filters here wont let me write what I replied lol. Hopefully it will have gave your friends some hope as opposed to upsetting them.

    Fig - yea to working from home in the pj's! I need a job like that lol

  • RC - Hello! Haven't had a chance to welcome you yet. Sorry that you've had some annoying comments. People don't always engage their brain before speaking! It's lovely being able to tell people though isn't it.

    Fig - Jealous that you're in pj's! What kind of consulting do you do?

    Sasasi - I love my electric blanket. Best thing I've ever bought I reckon. H doesn't have much to say on the job situation I think he's letting me work it out for myself as he hates working full stop so doesn;t feel he can advise on anything career wise. I know he's worried about the money if I go. Everytime we hear a new bit of news I have a semi breakdown haha but I know I have to keep it in check as it won't be good for bean so I've had a lot of early nights and loooong baths.

    Browny - I'm hoping to get a project management role as I know one is coming up so it's in the same Directorate and is at least fudgeable on a CV. None of my plans have worked out thus far though so we shall see. But it sounds like you have lots of good projects! A well timed early maternity then and the move sounds good. I bet it'll be lovely to have your family close by when the baby's here.

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