Friends looking after LO

Today I've left E with a friend of mine as my mum (who usually has her) is on holiday.

Would you offer the friend some money for having her or get her a gift? (Flowers? Biscuits? etc) Friend is a SAHM with a 3yo and one who is 5 months older than E so she really has her hands full today! 


  • if it wasn't done as a business arrangement (i.e. "If I give you X would you babysit") then I'd say gift (flowers and/or chocs). If it was quite a lot of babysitting I'd say a gift card, still not money, but worth something to the recipient IYSWIM.

  • Maybe get her some chocolates, they always go down well!

  • Id not expect anything. A returned favour maybe?

  • I'd get her a bottle of wine, sounds like she might need it ;) I wouldn't expect anything, I only offer to help friends if I don't mind doing it.

  • I don't think she'd be expecting anything, but I do feel like I want to show my appreciation. I'll swing by Waitrose on the way over tonight. They always have lovely flowers and I'll probably get a bottle of wine or Prosecco. Her and her H can enjoy it in the the evening once the kids are in bed :)

    Thanks guys! MD always has the answer :)

  • I wouldn't expect anything. My friends and I regularly babysit for each other when nursery is off/child is sick/appointments.

    Id normally send a packed lunch for my child and a packet of biscuits or similar for them all to share.

    My sil was having my youngest every Monday for a couple of years and I occasionally bought her wine, a meal voucher, flowers etc

  • I would buy her a gift- wine or chocs etc. I'm sure she doesn't expect it but nice to say thanks. And an offer of returning the favour for her. Means she'll be happy to do it again for you in the future without feeling taken for granted

  • I'd probably buy her a token gift, flowers, wine or something similar.

    Hands full?! Wink

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