Fun things you forget about late pregnancy (lighthearted!)

In an attempt to lighten my mood becaus im totally fed up already....glamerous things you forget about late pregnancy (a trick of nature necessary to make you ever consider having another!). Please add your own....

People asking if youre sure there is only one in there

Having to wake your husband to push you out of bed in the middle of the night becsuse youre stranded like a beached whale.

Needing the loo constantly but not being able to go when you get there or a tiny trickle coming out

Walking into things because your bump sticks out so far

Dropping something on the floor and not being able to pick it up

Only just fitting behind the wheel of the car. Then having to move said car in a csr park because you cant fit out the door in a normal sized space


Weeing a bit when you laugh/cough/sneeze

Weird/scary dreams about birth

Insomnia (as demonstrated by the usua start time of the 3rd tri thread)

Sore ribs from constant batterings


I'll be back with more..... please add your own :-)


  • Ugh wherr has my bloody formatting gone?!?! Sorry its so hard to read!

  • the stairs look like mt everest

    the waddle i have gained

    the flatulence

    the needing to wee every time i stand up

    oh dear i second the insomnia i have suffered badly

    carpel tunnel

    food aversions

  • Piles.


    Crying because you can't reach your feet, to tie your own shoelaces!

  • The look on the shop assistance face in the supermarket when she asks when your due? You reply 10 days ago and she slowly steps away from you!

    Carpel tunnel, the huge swelling (which no one told me would get worse after the baby is born), painting my toenails at 5am like its totally normal

  • Crying because my H asked if I wanted garlic bread with dinner!!

    Noodle im impressed you can reach your toe nails!!!!

  • I chucked my H out for 3 days, because he didn't fold my fajitas the way I wanted...

    Gotta love pregnancy hormones!! He still won't let me forget it.

  • I'm not even in late pregnancy yet and I had a hissy fit at 2am because H told me I was breathing funny the other day. Stormed off to the kitchen and was threatening to smash things, then complained I was going to get piles from sitting on the cold floor and it was all his fault. Hormones are crazy!!

  • AR- i was so impressed with myself until I was leant over with my feet on a stool having my spinal that I realised I'd done a really bad job lol! They looked fine from a distance

  • AK that made me laugh out loud!! Ha ha!!

    Noodle also impressed you made it anywhere near your toes even to do a bad job of painting them!!

    Nipple that's glamorous!

  • Getting stuck in the bath like a beached whale

    Swollen finger and toes

    Having what feels like an alien dancing in your belly (I'm sure she keeps sticking both elbows out as my whole stomach moves at once nowadays)

    Not being able to tidy your lady garden (I actually had to get help last night before I dare put my swimming costume on today)

  • Ah yes the bath and lady garden issues!! Im going to have to make some sort of attempt at the latter before labour! Nn

  • Leaking boobs... That still not glam!

    I mastered putting on trainer socks without the need of hands as I couldn't reach.

    I couldn't get in or out of bed either. Our bed is high and spd, dodgy hip and massive belly meant I couldn't lift my legs up high enough without help!

    Getting stuck in front of washing machine as you sat too close to it and didn't allow for space to practically lay on floor to get up!

  • AR - I tamed the lady garden by standing above with a mirror angled on floor! I laughed so much!

  • I may have used the camera on my iPad last time I did mine! Using a mirror didn't even occur to me!

  • Noodle I took three days to give myself a pedicure. Day 1, remove old polish, day 2, trim nails, day 3 paint nails!

    I made my H get me a glass of chocolate milk and got so upset because it wasn't in my purple glass with a straw.

    I do remember on many occasions dropping something and taking a minute to decide whether I *really* needed it enough to bend down and pick it up.

  • If I dropped something, it stayed there until C got back from school, or H got home from work.

  • Resorting to drinking Gaviscon out of the bottle because I got sick and tired of measuring out stupid little spoonfuls. Especially in the middle of the night!

  • I think pregnant women keep Gaviscon in business.

    I found it in poundland when I was pg with J, I got SO excited, I nearly peed myself, literally.

  • Gaviscon in Poundland?? That's worth remembering this time around!

  • Yep, this was almost 3 years ago, but i'm sure I have seen it in there the odd occasion.

    They have the tablets quite often too. Always worth keep popping in to look.

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