Gap between pregnancies

Hello, I am very interested in hearing whether you had a long gap between pregnancies, how the older sibling(s) reacted to the new addition and how different (or not) the pregnancy and birth experience was when you revisited it many years later.

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  • My gap isn't huge but a lot bigger than most people I know, Jude will be 4.5y when this one is born. Pregnancy this time has been harder work but I never had nausea etc before, I'll be glad when I can have a rest when he's at school in September!

  • #1 my little accident. Dec 2003. Didn't find out I was pg until 16 weeks, had him at 27 weeks. Perfect pregnancy, nice and short, haha. Emergency CS

    #2 Nov 2009. MC

    #3 June 2011. Perfect pregnancy, relatively straightforward labour, apart from heart rate dropping. VBAC,  pushing for 15 minutes, no stitches.

    I was 25 when I had my youngest, and I admit, I felt "past it", haha. My eldest was 7.5yrs when I had his brother, and he loved him from the start. I involved him in my pregnancy, and let him buy the baby something. I thought he'd have trouble adapting, but they are the best of friends.

  • I was 4yrs 9mths when my sister was born, as you say, it's quite a big age gap compared to many, as you say.

    My son will be 17.5yrs if we manage to get to that stage, and the prognosis is not good for such a large gap - is what i've read. And I feel a little out of it because things are different and it's so long ago I am almost starting again, I am not at all worried about the baby part, just the journey :)

  • I once dated a lad who was 18 when his sister was born. He adored her. He lived at his grandparents though so I suppose that helped.

  • That made me laugh!

  • That's babysitting on tap surely? Sounds perfect to me!

  • I was 10 when my sister was born - my parents had spent a long time trying for #2 and had a loss in between too. I wasn't jealous at all, I enjoyed helping and was able to get fully involved with doing things for her. My mum also says she had the best of both worlds as she had all day at home with my sister when I was at school then both of us together in the evenings and at weekends. We're 33 and 23 now and get on really well still.

  • Not me but my best friend has 15 years between her two , she was 19 with number one.

    He took it ok, was a bit of a pita at school but he has other half siblings that are his dad's. he tried to be all disinterested in the baby but is actually really sweet with her.

  • I was 17 when my sister was born. I was fine with it. It felt a little weird a year later, when I had my own child though...

    17 is a perfect age to babysit!!

  • 17 is an excellent age for babysitting, you're right! He's very excited about the prospects of siblings as he's not really allowed to see his half-siblings on his dad's side. Now I just need to persuade him not to go to uni so that he's available for general au pair duties ha ha  :D

  • I wasn't allowed to see my half siblings either. My Dads girlfriend never let us see my brother or sister. I wouldn't even recognise them if I walked past them on the street.

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