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Did you/are you getting a present for your toddler from baby? And/or the baby a present for toddler to give to them? P will be 25months ish and I'm thinking I'll get her something small from baby although not 100% sure she'll get it. If you did do gifts what did you get and did you put it in your hospital bag/get H to bring on or do when you got home again. TIA


  • I'm planning to get something, will take M to buy something for baby, a toy or comforter or something. For M from baby I'm not sure! I'm tempted to get a decent scooter because she could do with one, but might get a game or something

  • Think of something she can play with to occupy herself while you're busy with baby. Cheap tablet?

  • When J was born,  abigail bought the baby a teddy and he got her a little peppa pig computer.  I can't remember whether or not we gave her it at home or the hospital.  When S was born,  again he got a teddy. A got a melissa and doug bead set and sticker book and J got a little doll and buggy

  • W bought a teddy to give to baby so that her "first teddy " is off her big sister. And W has a favourite teddy she absolutely lives so the hopes is maybe B will feel the same about her teddy

    The baby bought W a set of Winnie the Pooh books. They're really nice paper ones so more of a long term thing to keep rather than use now. They swapped gifts at the hospital but W didn't really understand I don't think (was 22months).

    I would recommend having things to keep the toddler occupied while they are visiting you at the hospital to keep them happy sitting still- crayons and colouring book, stickers, games on your phone etc.

  • We have got J a doll's moses basket from the baby so that she can copy what I'm doing with her dolls. From J we have got the baby a little cuddly owl.

  • Oh do get her something AR. There's 26 months between me and my brother and I still remember the present he got me (a little shape sorter toy). I don't remember actually GETTING it but I do remember from afterwards "that's the toy J got me when he was born".

    We've got a slightly smaller gap coming of 19 months - I'm planning to buy A a little doll that will be 'his' baby to look after. That'll be before the baby arrives. Not sure yet what to get him 'from' the baby, or for him to give to the baby. He still has very little understanding so we'll have to wait and see how capable he is of choosing something himself.

  • All of mine have had a bear factory bear as newborns. Aarons from us, Phoebes chosen by Aaron and Babys chosen by Phoebe :-) Aaron got a tag junior from Phoebe. I've not got anything specific this time, they really need nothing.

  • M got A a fire engine and A got M a mouse soft toy. A enjoyed choosing the toy and we left it out, so it was a good conversation prompt. Then he helped my mum wrap it before she brought him home to meet M.

  • We're going shopping on Saturday for Jude to choose a teddy for the baby.

    The baby will either get him some Lego Star Wars or a wii game. I'm also planning on getting him some new bedding (needed anyway) but I think he'll try sneaking into our bed more so might keep him in his ;)
  • Thanks ladies. So good ideas. I think I'll perhaps get her something like a sticker book and some happyland or something else to play with. A soft toy from p to baby is also a good idea and I like the idea of having it out and talking about it being for baby brother. I think she'll understand that as I've been washing baby bits and telling her they're from him and she keeps telling me the same back.
  • Lauren was a bit older but we wanted to get her something she could keep so we got her a little girl charm for her links charm bracelet.  Lauren brought Molly her first teddy bear and the outfit which Molly came home from hospital in

  • C had a baby born doll and carrier so she could carry her new baby like mammy. She actually wasn't as bothered as i thought she'd be and has only more recently started playing with them.  I can't actually remember what C 'bought' S now, but she chose it and helped to wrap it up.

    We left the presents in the car and brought them in when we knew C was visiting. It gave her something to play with at the hospital.

  • Yes, new baby got his older brother a tshirt, a big brother badge and a book about being a big brother. The baby got a small soft toy my eldest had chosen.

  • well baby has been good - p has a my little pony castle and aaron had a cars rucksack and umbrella :-)

  • L got a baby boy doll & sling from A (we knew we were having a boy), so she liked carrying her own little boy in his sling, just like Mummy.

    A got a cuddly mouse toy from L. She chose it in the shop, and was delighted to put it in his moses basket. It still goes with him everywhere to this day. He's 22m.

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