going mobile at 7 months - question

How mobile were your babies at 7 months?

W can't crawl, but can wiggle and wriggle himself around a fair bit, and he can run around in his walker really well and likes to walk if he holds your hands (emphasis on him holding on to me, I am just ready to catch him if he decides to let go)

I don't know what I was expecting his mobility to be like at 7 months, but I had thought if anything, he'd be starting to crawl a little, not bypassing it completely and trying to walk.


  • Not all babies crawl. Around 7.5/8 months if egged on O would drag himself commando style, but only if he really wanted to get to something. He was always far more interested in being on his feet...perhaps why he bypassed crawling/cruising and just went straight to walking at 10 months! Don't worry about him....they all do it in their own time and he'll likely bliw you away by doing it all in one go! (and then you'll be cursing and remembering how easy things were when he wasn't mobile lol! Make the most of it I say!)

  • My friends little girl walked unaided at 8 months! M wasn't even crawling by then. Another friends girl never crawled and walked about ten months but was like yours wanting to walk holding hands from an earlier age

    They all vary so much! Just need to start baby proofing!!

  • Thanks ladies. Baby proofing my parents is mission impossible! I don't think it'll be long before he's off. I'm already cursing the walker. I have to put blockades up to stop him getting places. And the poor dog gets no peace now.

  • A started crawling around 7 months (commando at first then proper crawling) but still won't walk holding your hands and he's almost a year old! He will walk with a walker (an upright one, not the type you sit in) but has no confidence in anything else. W sounds completely normal to me [:-)]

  • Harry didn't bother crawling. Just wriggling, pulling up, standing and walking.

  • C didn't crawl and made no attempt to walk until she was 1 and was 16 months before she could walk confidently without holding on. S crawled at 9 months and started walking just before her 1st birthday. From my experience of babies, very few are mobile at 7 months. Enjoy the immobile child while it lasts, as it's so much harder when they're into everything. X

  • Big s didn't crawl til his birthday and walked a couple months after that.

    Little s started crawling a fortnight ago so 7 months and a week! He's desperately trying to stand too so I think he'll be an early walker.

    They vary so much!
  • F is 7 months too and doesn't crawl although he does a bit of bum shuffling and dragging himself around in a circle on his tummy. He much prefers to stand or jump tbh.

  • They really are all very different tbh. E was crawling well by 6 months,  and up on her feet right away,  cruising between 7-8 months. Then unaided at 8 months,  and then first steps just before 9 months. Walking well enough to ditch pram on short trips by 10. LOs at baby group have been both earlier and layer,  and a handful not crawled at all.

  • Zoe wasn't mobile at all at that age.  She had learned to roll but crawling didn't come until 9.5 mths.

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