Going to the farm whilst pregnant??

My understanding is that it's fine as long as I don't feed the lambs & wash my hands thoroughly after stroking any other animals. Anything else I should know??



  • Yeah I think it's just the sheep that are the problem.

    I went to one last year. Took anti bac wipes with me, when we got home I took everyone's shoes off at the door and washed them and washed the pram wheels ( perhaps a little paranoid but didn't want to risk it)

  • I live on a farm and spend most days at the stables! It's fine just wash hands as usual. It's only lambs and sheep who have just lambed or are just about to lamb that you should avoid touching.
  • MD trip to AR's farm then!

  • THanks ladies, & yes LLL I think an MD trip to AR's farm is a fab idea ;-) x

  • Haha I wish it was , y fsrm but bk you know youre welcome to visit whenever ypu fancy it!!

  • Goats are the same rule as sheep - don't touch newborn kids/placenta/Mum. (My sister lives on a goat farm!)
  • Thanks Horse fan I'll bear that in mind. At least I will have told my mum so don't need to hide the fact I'm not quite as hands on.

    & AR, 1 day I'll take you up on your offer! Maybe in the summer holidays?? x

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