Graco Evo Mini - any experience?

I think H and I have settled on the Graco Evo Mini as our favourite pram but wanted to see if anyone had any reccs or experience that might sway us into certainty?

Plus points for us are the size (we have a hatchback and will be travelling to see family quite frequently so it needs to be compact) the price, and the fact it folds in one pice and with one hand.

We almost decided on the Graco Evo travelsystem but a friend is now giving us her maxi cosi carseat so we don't "need" anything other than the pram.


  • It looks like a nice stroller, quite similar to the quinny zapp from the looks of it, but it isn't something i would personally choose for a newborn as it doesn't parent face.  I kept Zoe facing me until she was 2yrs old and I can't see me turning orla any earlier.   It might not be something you are concerned about though.

  • Argh does it not?? And here's me thinking I'd read loads about it... clearly not. I would much rather a parent facing so maybe I need to go back to the drawing board. Thanks JB.

    Might have a look at the Zapp if it's similar but I know Quinny's are a fair bit more expensive. Bums

  • The Quinny Zapp Xtra reclines and goes parent facing but I wouldn't say it was really suitable for a new baby.  

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