Grobags - how many?

How many grobags would you recommend starting with, and in what togs? Baby is due end of October, so I'm guessing 2.5 tog is probably going to be needed in the 0-6 month phase, but how many?

I've just got a bargain on eBay of 1 x 1 tog and 1 x 2.5 tog for less than £12 including delivery, but wondering how many more to get. How often do you find yourself washing them?

Thank you!


  • I personally wouldn't buy anymore,  you don't know whether baby will like them just yet?  Ella didn't go into hers until about 20 weeks so I'd have managed with one summer and not the three winter we had plus one summer. They wash and dry quickly, you'd easily get it dry in the same day. We've only had one desperate need to change during the night when we had exploda poop so if you do buy id say two in the season you'll need first to see how it goes.

  • I'd have two 2.5 tog ones. The thick ones take a while to dry inside in winter.

    The travel ones are really useful (so you can strap them in a pram, car seat etc) - we had one normal and one travel one.

  • we got the merino kids ones, more expensive but they work all year round as they temperature regulate, and they have the slot for car seat. we had 2, one in use, one in the wash. mine used them from newborn to age 2 and still fitted.

  • I wouldn't buy lots either, think they have to be a certain weight to use them? Plus baby might not like them even if you do ;)

    We have a washer and separate dryer so I'm not too worried about getting things dry til I can get spares.

  • Baby had better like them, we have an amby hammock and anything other than grobags are a bit of a pain in the hammock Wink They can be used from 8 1/2 lbs so pretty much immediately in the case our our families ginormababies Laugh

    Fortunately we have a drier as well so hopefully washing / drying won't be too bad; I might just pick up one more 2.5 tog second hand as a spare in case of explodapoos / to use whilst the other goes through the wash.

    QoK - hadn't heard of those, I'll look into them if they baby is happy in the normal grobags and can then splash out a little.

  • Can you not swaddle in the amby?

  • I only have one of each tog plus a couple of cheap ones which were useless tbh. I wash and dry as needed and in an emergency used the cheap ones until morning. Do they sell well on ebay? Never thought of selling them but F will be need a bigger size soon and that would help fund some new ones!

  • Yes we could - and will if needed. It's only really the typical bedding set up that's a bit tricky re: tucking blankets securely in etc. JRJ - there are loads on ebay, all sorts of prices!


    this is the site Mrs 50s. They are brill. My aunt lives in new Zealand and she sent us one for our first and it is fab. no matter the temperature the most I change is from a sleep suit in winter and a vest in summer, no extra blankets. IIRC it will temp regulate between 16 and 26 degrees. it is also flame resistant (morbid to think of but useful to know). although expensive I think it works out cheaper as you only need one size from newborn to 2 instead of new every 6 months. I recommend them to everyone, most of my RL friends now have them.

  • We swaddled for the first month or so- I thought the weight limit was higher than that?  A was 8lb 10oz and I'm sure he was too small for them at first.  We had loads!! But we needed summer and winter ones as we went on holiday while he was still in the first size.  

    I've just packed mine away and we have 1 x 3.5 tog, 3 x 2.5 tog travel, 2 x 2.5 tog, 2 x 1 tog, 1 x 1 tog travel, a 0.5 tog.  Although we did get given a few second hand when A was bout 4 months old.  When A was tiny the temp in our room was 15 degrees some nights (it's an old cottage), and in June we went to Crete and the temp was 24 degrees, so we covered them all!!

  • If you're buying second hand I'd get some more tbh, we had 3 of each weight but he was a May baby, in your shoes I'd just stick with 3x 2.5 tog and the lower tog you have for now. You can always sell them on again. I paid an average of £5 for each of mine second hand, bargain! If you have any local NCT sales locally it'd be worth going to.

  • 15 degrees, that is cold! I can't believe how cold my room feels tonight and it is over 19 degrees. Why do indoor temperatures feel so different to outdoor? I'd be wearing a summer dress if it was 19 outside!

    When have people moved up to the next size? F is almost at the length limit for the 0-6 but still 2lb off the minimum weight for 6-18! Think I'll stick with 0-6 until he seems restricted or reaches the weight.

  • What weight is he Jrj? Sam has been in his 6m+ 1 tog for a while as he's tall, I hadn't realised there was a weight for it! What is it?! He's 16lb now but has probably been in it for a month. I wouldn't get his 0-6 near him though, the two x 2.5 togs were a complete waste, washed but never worn due to the hot summer!

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