Hand luggage w 2 kids!?!

What do you take as i always take way too much.

we have 2  adults and a 3 yr old (potty trained this time so will cut down on things) and a 9month old (Breast fed and not really eating-fussy bum)

we are flying virgin and in april their entertainment system was really good for our lo so i don't think i need to take many toys (but try convincing him)

we r taking 2 carriers to throw the boys on us so we can get to immigration quicker as last time in Orlando it was nearly 2 hrs of queing.

hubby needs to take all his camera stuff in his hand luggage as he has a shoot out on hols.

i've gone a few changes of clothes for accidents, leaks, etc. Sweets for us adults. I pads for emergency child entertainment and adult reading. Nappies and wipes. kids blankets as nicer than plane ones and bigger for 2 of us to hide under, couple of muslins. passports and info folder.

 What else can i cut down on?


  • I cant see what you can cut down on from that, seems like the bare minimum for travelling with kids. have you got a nappy/pull up for your eldest in case there is turbulence and you cant get to the loo? a couple of fave books but we didn't take much else. hopefully they will sleep most of the way anyway!


  • Didn't think of that! But we'll have a battle putting it on but worth having a few-thanks!

  • I have tonnes more than that so probably not ideal for helping you.  Saying that I work for Virgin and know how often things go wrong (entertainment broken, childrens meals not ordered) so I pack for all eventualities.  Last time we went to Orlando H reckoned I had packed enough snacks to feed a whole B747 rather than just Zoe.  

  • yes we definitely overcatered on the snacks - but could you imagine the fall out if you ran out???

  • Oh I have seen the fall out, and when peoples' children "only eat pizza, can you do some of that for him" ... erm yep, I'll just pop out to the supermarket I passed on the way up to 40,000 ft.

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