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Hand, Foot & Mouth and nursery

Does anyone know their nursery's view/rule regarding HFM?

When picking up A this evening I overheard another mum discussing with one of the nursery staff about her son having HFM. I've just text her to ask if he has it and she's replied saying she took him to the docs this morning who confirmed it and nursery said it was ok for him to go in. I would have thought/hoped they'd have told her to keep him off, but don't know if I'm over reacting.


  • I work in a childcare setting. Our policy states that a child with HF&M is not allowed into nursery. If we notice it, we ring the parents and they have to ollect their child. Its highly contagious, even though its airbone it does tend to spread like wildfire. A lot of schools and nurseries seem to have had it recently. Goodness knows why docs say its ok for schools etc to take children with it, its so unpleasant for the children concerned that they should be at home being looked after by their mummys or daddys :-( plus its not fair on the children they come into contact with.

  • Plus we send out letters to parents informing them that there has been an outbreak within the Nursery.

  • When P had it i was told by 2 different doctors and a nurse that there is no reason to keep them home when they have it. Also asked our school nurse and she said the NHS recommendation is NOT to be kept from nursey/school etc. They are most infectious BEFORE spots appear so it's shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. I followed their advice and took P swimming and to toddler groups when she had it. Not one other child from any of the 3 groups picked it up.

    The exception is of course if they are feeling unwell, which P was for a couple of days but actually the groups perked her up no end. Lot's of children get it very mildly and so it's not an issue.

  • Thanks all. CP, that link looks useful, but doesn't open properly on my phone, I can only see the first two columns, can someone confirm what it says?
  • It says no exclusion needed for h, f & m. X

  • It all depends on your nursery policy. For us, its more about the health and wellbeing of the  child infected, they may no longer be contagious but if theyre upset and in pain with the blisters in their mouth, then nursery isnt the place for them and unfortunately a few parents ( especially some I know) would continue to bring their child in, irrespective of how poorly their child is. Which is why our policy covers us. Sometimes, like AR said, the children are fine once the spots appear, others suffer terribly with it and for those children, nursery isn't the place for them to be when they need 1:1 care. :-)

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