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Hand, foot and mouth

Any Los had it? We're on day 3 of blisters, but day 4 of being unwell. How long typically did symptoms last for your lo? Anything I can put on the blisters to help?


  • I feel sorry for you.  Both of mine had it.  E started first, she was probably ill for about a week, had the spots for about 10 days.  She was moany, couldn't eat as her mouth was full of blisters.

    S got it a few days after E, he wasn't as moany, but his blisters were much worse, he's still got some scars and marks on his feet now and it's a couple of months ago.

  • It's horrid isn't it! He seems to be giving food a good go so we're lucky in that respect. Is being housebound that's slowly killing me! I'm hoping he'll look and feel better by the weekend. Did you just leave the blisters alone when your two had it?

  • You don't need to be house bound. Nhs advice is that once the spots are out they are much less contagious and don't news to he kept off school/nursery (although some nurserys have their own policy)  and after checking with 2 doctors I took p out and about as usual when she has it. It probably took a week to be done with but a couple if month on and she still has scars on her feet. We pretty my h left them but a couple of them on her hands started to lol red and sore so we dabbed sudocrem on them to stop them getting infected. Hope he feels better soon  

  • Thanks AR, I got in touch with all our usual groups/classes and they wanted us to give it a miss while he has the sores. So aside from walking, shopping and library we're pretty limited! But hopefully he'll be on the mend soon. A few of the blisters look sore so might put sudocrem on as you said Smile

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