Has anyone bought a slumber bear off amazon?

MIL bought us one off amazon and it's great , makes a massive difference at night time .

the problem is after three days it starts making a weird clicking noise. With the first one I tried three different lots of batteries but it kept happening so I sent it back to amazon and they sent me a new one. It does state on amazons product description that the manufacturer is aware of a fault with batteries that they have now rectified but anyone still having problems can get an exchange. 

Anyway amazon sent sent me a replacement but after three days the same thing happened. ... So they sent me a third one.... Three days later and this morning it's started making the same noise. 

Mum assuming there's a whole batch of them with the same fault at the amazon warehouse. If it was anything else I would ask for a refund but it's such a good product ( until day three when it breaks!!) . 

Has anyone bought one off amazon recently? I'm starting to wonder if it's just me having this problem! 


  • If you think it's a dodgy batch maybe buy one elsewhere and if it works fine (for more than 3 days) ask amazon for a refund?

  • WWS- id ask for a refund and buy the product else where,

  • I'm tempted to but I don't have the car mid week so if I have the same problem with one from a shop I will have to keep waiting until a weekend to take it back to the shop whereas at least with amazon they post it straight out to me.

    So frustrating. I think I'll give it one more try then ask for a refund if the fourth one is the same.

  • Hi jellytot I saw your post and wondered what a slumber bear was so had a peek on amazon and found this review, have you seen it?

    This was my 2nd Bear after sending the 1st bear back for faults with the sound box and music 'sticking'. I have had similar problems with bear 2 and many other people have also commented on the poor functionality of the music box. I was about to look to return this 2nd bear. However, I came across the below advice and hey presto my 2nd bear is working perfectly. Thought I would share

    Dear Customers:

    We here at Prince Lionheart just learned something new: that not everything is as it seems when it comes to batteries. Who knew that AAA (1.5V) batteries are not all the same size? Who knew that, depending on the battery brand, they can differ up to 0.5mm in size, which can be just enough to not make our 5 button soundbox work as effectively as we'd like? Well, some of you who have been using our beloved Slumber Bear/Tummy Sleep/Back to Sleep Bear have found out the hard way that not all batteries are created equal. After running a number of tests with our current soundboxes, we have found that Duracells work best. So, when you go to replace the batteries, please opt for Duracells while we work on a mold modification so that our soundbox becomes an equal opportunity soundbox that shows love to bunny as well as the copper top!

    Thank you for your loyalty and for the feedback! Together, we now know more than we ever wanted to about batteries!

    Warm regards,

    Prince Lionheart

  • Hi Scotty, thanks for that. I had seen the info on the problem with batteries so have tried three different sets including Duracell, but unfortunately every time they work for three days and then it all goes wrong. Ive contacted amazon today and they're giving me a refund rather than exchange, but as it was a gift I won't get the refund the MIL will and I'd feel a bit cheeky asking her to give me the money for me to buy it elsewhere so I'm just going to have to buy it myself as it has really worked for us- so much so I know tonight I won't get as good a sleep and I need to make sure I get to a shop at the weekend to buy one

  • JT we've been given one bought from John Lewis but obviously not had a chance to use it yet. Did you use it right from the beginning? What settings work best for your LO?

  • I used it from about 12 weeks as it was bought by my

    MIL then as she was chatting to H on the phone and realised how nackered we were from no sleep.

    We use the womb setting, works brilliantly. Makes a massive massive difference, it's the best invention ever!

  • That's brill JT! Will stick ours on for a bit and check it works. It's a shame you won't benefit from the refund - can you let you MIL know to expect the refund and in passing mention you'll buy it from elsewhere as it's been so invaluable? I'm sure she'll offer to pay!

  • Yes I'm seeing her tomorrow sweetpea so I plan to mention it then x

  • Kiddicare sell them and do next day delivery JT. Wouldn't be without ours either!

  • Thanks Lamby. Think I might have to order one as it's unbelievable the difference it makes. Well worth the money if it goes more than three days without breaking

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