Has anyone dyed muslins?

I fancy tarting up the old muslins I have from L so that I can use them again. Thought it could be a project for the kids. 

Has anyone done it? Dylon dyes were suggested to me so think ill buy a couple of those. 


  • I think Very Excited did, and possibly Hepburn too, not sure what they used though. The purple ones I saw look fab!

  • Thanks, I'm sure it was someone on here that gave me the idea. Can't remember who or what thread though!

  • I looked into it, but the dye was £6 odd, and I got 6 new ones for a lower price, so didn't bother.

  • Thanks LM. I'm going to nip into a haberdashery over the weekend to look at dye. I have about 20 I could dye so if one pack is enough it will be worth it I guess.

  • I am just always attracted by something different.. I wanted Tie-dye! Will you shout if you find a cheaper option? :)

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