Has anyone heard from *bunny*?

Just wondering if anyone is in touch with her on FB or IRL and knew how she was doing?

wasnt sure if I'd missed any updates from her. I often think about her and baby K.



  • Hi, thank you for thinking about us. K is doing well, she is nice and stable at the mo. Using the donation from here we have set up a little sensory room in our spare room. We've got her a metre tall bubble tower, aromatherapy diffuser with some different essential oils, a flat playmat for tummy time, some squishy toys as she is now starting to feel things with her hands and face, a bag with 10 different textured materials in and a moon in my room, which is a light that cycles through the phases of the moon. Last week the family support nurse visited us and has got us a follow up appointment for her at the hospital and we have an appointment this week to have her eyes looked at to see what's there under her eyelids. She's also been referred for a hearing test and we are waiting for the speech+language therapist to give us an appointment so she can be assessed to see if she can be bottle or breast fed instead of tube fed. We are meeting up weekly with the girls from our antenatal class and looking into some baby groups to make life more normal! Last Monday when she was weighed she was 5 pounds 12 and a half pounds so she is putting weight on at a good rate now.

  • I often think of you and K, bunny, and it's great that K is doing so well - her sensory room sounds great!  Hope you get positive news at some of the appointments you've got, and enjoy meeting up with your antenatal class xx

  • Sounds as if you're all getting along really well - also glad that you have some kind of 'normality'. Would love to see some more recent pics of K, and one of her sensory room? I love sensory rooms - my aunt works with SEN children and they have a great one at her work.

  • I've been thinking of you all too.  Glad to hear that she is gaining weight, and the sensory room sounds lovely too.  It's good to hear that you are getting some kind of normality too!

  • I love how well she's doing bunny! Such a star! Glad she's enjoying her new toys too x

  • The sensory room sounds great and glad to hear little K is enjoying being in there x

  • Its great to hear such a positive update!!

  • The sensory room sounds lovely. I hope she manages to come off the tube feeds soon.

    So glad you are also getting to do "normal" things with her too like NCT meet ups and baby groups. I lived doing baby massage with W and plan to do it again this time round, you should have a look to see if there's any classes near you as I found it such a lovely relaxing bonding experience and something you can then do at home too after bath time etc.

  • It sounds like you're doing brilliantly Bunny. The sensory room sounds great! As always I'm amazed at your strength

  • Oh what a fab update, go K! And you, what a lovely way to spend the money.

    Like BW, I'd love to see some recent photos if you want to share.

  • What a lovely update, I love the sound of the sensory room.

  • We are hoping to do baby massage with the others from our nct class next month. I've also just signed up for baby sensory group this morning. They came to the first baby group we've been to and the lady that runs it has given us a place for free, which is really kind. I've attached some pics grandad took of her the other week. I dont have any of the 'sensory room' at the no as my h is sleeping in there as he finds it difficult to sleep with a noisy baby!

  • Sorry they are so big. I can't seem to put them in one post!

  • Bunny she's absolutely gorgeous!!! Im so glad she seems to be doing so well, a sensory room sounds wonderful x

  • I love the photos bunny and it's wonderful to hear things are going so well for you. The sensory room sounds amazing x

  • She's really gorgeous, and getting so big! x

  • She's beautiful Bunny, thanks for the lovely update xx

  • She is so beautiful bunny, and I love the last photo! x

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