Has anyone managed to successfully breastfeed with flat nipples?

As above really, looking for some positive experiences (if there are any).

Also if you have any tips for what might help, I’m all ears!

Thanks :)


  • Not me personally but I have a friend who has & is still feeding her 2 1/2 year old toddler without ever giving formula. She's often said, 'it's breast feeding not nipple feeding!' I can ask her for advice if that's any help?

  • If you could that would be fab, thank you.

    I've been quite positive about the whole thing all through but recently started actually thinking about it and looking stuff up (I know, not good), and now I feel like I've got no chance!

    I need the positivity back, it definitely won't work if I keep telling myself it won't!
  • Have a look at kellymom. Really useful bf website x

  • They may not be flat later on.........mine have changed loads.

  • Sorry am on mobile site so short replies! Nipple shields were our turning point, they gave A something to get hold of and also him sucking through the shield drew out my nipple. Gradually we started removing the shield partway through a feed once the nipple had been pulled out and he could get hold. And for the last 2 1/2 weeks we've been shield free as repeated use has corrected the flatness. He now feeds equally well from each side. And I thought we were doomed at the beginning.
  • Mine were flat before and are flat now when not feeding. I've had no problems at all and still feeding at 10 months.  I never even thought it would be a problem tbh. What makes you think you may have an issue?

  • Another flattie here!!  S had a tongue tie so we used shields at the beginning until her tt was sorted at 7 weeks.  Once that was fixed she managed to just get the whole nipple in her gob and was fine!  I did hold my nipple between two fingers to make it easier for her to latch on which helped but now at 7.5 months she needs no help whatsoever.

    My nipples do look how I think of "normal" nipples once she has fed but they go back to flat in between feeds.

    I really worried about this before she was born as I didn't manage to feed #1.

  • Hi OB,

    I messaged my friend & this is what she replied:

    "They were both totally inverted when A was born (not now) and had a few issues at the start. I found the Lansinoah Latch Assist helped get my nipples out so they were easier for A to find, but since babies take a big mouthful of boob its not a massive issue. Sometimes if the nipples are very inverted it can be sore at first while the underlying adhesions break (the Hoeffman technique can help with this prior to birth) but for just flat nipples, there's not normally a massive issue. There's some good links on Kellymom kellymom.com/.../bfhelp-mother  You are more than welcome to pass on my email if she wants to chat".

    This friend was a member of the Le Leache League with me so has a lot of great advice. Let me know if you want me to pass on her email address to you x

  • Sorry I didn't come back to this, rude or what!

    Thanks everyone for your advice, I do really appreciate it and don't feel as negative about it as I did!

    BK, I've seen the latch assist and will definitely be giving it a go. If you don't mind I'd like to take her email, I won't bother her just yet but maybe nearer the time? Thanks very much for talking to her for me :) x
  • Of course OB that's fine. Can you email me on my email address & I'll email you her details x

  • Thanks, have emailed you x
  • OB. Don't let my experience put you off. I know its possible, we managed to latch a few times but due to many many factors you know how the story ends.

    Take all the support you can while in hospital and from here x x x x x
  • LP I've just text you! Hadn't seen this, honest! I did google after we talked, that's what freaked me out, it's full of horror stories!

    I'm just going to try my best, as you did, and what will be will be.

    I guess it's better to be aware and prepared in advance. Been looking up local bf people too, just want to go in with as many options as possible. Xx
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