Hello - update *sensitive*

I just wanted to stick my head in to say hello!

I'm missing being on here every day, and I'm particularly missing my tri buddies. I hope you're all doing well, I can't face going into the tri thread, but I'm wishing you all well.

We're doing ok,  which all things considered isn't a bad place to be. We got through last week and slowly but surely I feel like I'm getting a little bit stronger. I'm hoping to get back to the gym next week, we go to Ibiza in 3 weeks so I want to try and lose a few pounds to at least make me feel a bit better about myself. I'm then hoping to go back to work the week after, although this still gives me the fear a little bit. Although, I'll only have two weeks of work until I go on holiday so surely I can manage that?! 

We meet with a consultant in 6/8 weeks to discuss the findings from the post mortem and our bloods, so hopefully we'll know a little bit more then, and also if we can ttc again. For now, I'm enjoying eating rare steak and drinking what I want. 

Thanks to everyone for the support you've offered so far, it's been great to know you're all there. 



  • Hello honey. Lovely to see you xxx

  • Glad to hear you are holding up ok Imp. Ibiza will be a very welcome break and distraction I'm sure. As daunting as work feels right now, it's often the thought of going back that is so much worse than actually doing it. I hope you get some answers from the post mortem and blood tests. You know we are always here whenever you want to come in and say hello xx

  • Oh Imp, thanks for coming back to update, I literally think about you every single day. I'm glad you have the holiday coming up and I hope going back to work goes ok. Remember if your not ready to go back, your not ready, don't push yourself too much.

    I wasn't sure how long you would have to wait until your consultant appointment, I thought it would have been sooner. I'm hoping you get some answers and they let you know about TTC again.

    I wish so much that I could give you some words of comfort, I'm actually welling up writing this.

    All my love to you and your H, Dee xx

  • Thanks ladies.

    MDD, you've just made me cry. In a nice way though!

  • Hi lmp so good to hear from you. You sound remarkably strong and I'm sure having a good plan for the next few weeks ahead will help you enormously and your holiday is something positive to focus on. I wouldn't worry about work, if you don't feel ready then don't go. There's no rush.

    Please take care and know that we are all here thinking of you xxx

  • I'm really sorry again imp, sounds like you are managing well under such difficult circumstances. I hope you enjoy a much deserved break in Ibiza and that the Cons meeting goes as well as these things can. Huge hugs x

  • So good to hear from you, like lots of others on here I've been thinking about you a lot and am glad to hear you're doing sort-of okay- which considering all you've been through, I think is bloody marvellous, I hope you're giving yourself credit for how strong you are. Enjoy Ibiza, I hope it's just the tonic you need and as for work, just one day at a time. Big hugs xx

  • Hi Imp, I've been thinking about you, just wanted to send massive hugs :-)

  • Sending you lots of hugs lovely.

    It sounds like you are doing amazingly well all things considered. It's great that you have Ibiza to look forward to and focus on, just don't put yourself under too much pressure about work, do what feels right when you feel ready.

    Hope your consultant app can give you some answers.

    Thinking of you xxx

  • Another one been thinking about you lots. Thank you for keeping us updated xx

    Glad to hear that you are feeling a little stronger with each passing day and I hope this continues. Ibiza is a really good distraction and something positive to look forward too- enjoy it! Enjoy the rare steak and alcohol and I hope you get some answers from your consultant appointment and blood results xx

  • Sending you lots of hugs, I'm glad you have things to look forward to.

  • Hi lovely, enjoy Ibiza, you deserve a break. I don't know how anyone would cope with what you have been through and I think you are doing amazing. Thoughts going to Mr Imp also. Sending hugs your way love LP XXXXXXX

  • Another one here who thinks about you and misses you! I'm not very eloquent but want to add that if you do go back to work and it is too soon then don't worry, there is no right or wrong time.

    I hope you manage to have a good time in Ibiza and find some peace in a place that you obviously love. I also hope you get the answers you need from the consultant and are able to ttc when you both feel ready.

    Sending you lots of love xxx

  • Hi imp its so nice to hear from you.

    It sounds like a long wait until your consultant appointment but hopefully having the holiday in between will help it go quickly and give you both a very much needed break away from everything.

    Keep us updated on how things are going and just take it easy with going back to work- can you go back on reduced hours to start with just to ease you in a little bit perhaps?

  • Hey Mrs

    SO nice to hear from you, think about you and hibby everyday, really proud of you for being so positive, i think Ibiza will do you the world of good, and if you don't feel ready for work then do not push yourself to go back

    just take everyday as it comes and i hope you get some answers from the consultants

    keep smiling, keep your faith, and look after eachother

    love and hugs always xx

  • JT- My boss has suggested half days actually, so I think I am going to ask if I can do the first week as half days then go to full days for a week, then go to Ibiza.  The thought of bottling everything up for 4 hours is far more bearable than for 8 hours.

    Thanks to everyone else.  I really do miss you all so much!

  • I would definitely take them up on the offer of a phased return. Hopefully it won't be such a daunting thought going back to work if you know it's only four hours, and like someone else said, the thought of going back is probably worse than once you actually are back.

  • Good to see you back. You are welcome here, even if you can't face the tri threads. Don't lose the support of these internet weirdies, unless you feel it's the right thing Hug

  • It's good to see you Imp, and you sound like you are coping marvellously well given what you have been through. I hope you can relax and enjoy your holiday and that the consultant can provide some answers when you get there. Sending big hugs x

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