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Hi all

I'm been a regular on Hitched and more recently TTC boards but I have been lucky enough to have my first faint pink line and my BFP!  So excited, but very aware it's very early days.

Date of my last AF was 28 October and I'm about to book an early scan for 21 december.  Don't feel I can wait 12 weeks and my H is French so this year spending Christmas with his family in France.  Only see them 2-3 times a year so he obviously wants to tell them in person when we are there, which will be before our first 12 week scan so we've settled on having an early scan on wimbledon ultra sound clinic on 21 december.

Anyone else had early scans?

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


  • Congratulations!

    I've had scans at 7/8 weeks with all my pregnancies.

  • ahh thanks LR - I'm so happy and now feel like how can I wait until 21 December.  I'm also seeing my parents and siblings etc Fiday night and don't know how I will keep it all in, but don't want to get them all excited before I've had the first scan!  It will be the end of my 8th week, or 7 weeks + 6.  But 5 weeks plus 6 since I actually ovulated.

  • I had an early scan at 7+ 5 last time and saw a baby with a heartbeat, it was very reassuring so I would recommend it.

    This time I'm having it at exactly the same time, total coincident as this time the nhs are doing it for me.

    Good luck Cj, I know how scary it all is.

  • Congratulations!

    Not sure if it's considered an early scan, but I had mine at 10 weeks, which they actually then dated me at 11 weeks.

  • Congrats!!!! We had a scan at 7+1 and got a good heartbeat on screen and sound too :)

  • I had one at 8+5 and it was really reassuring to have.

  • It wasn't an early scan, but I had my 3D scan at the Wimbledon ultrasound place. They were lovely, very friendly and printed off extra photos. Bit of a weird place to find though, it's kind of behind a house somewhere!

  • Thanks everyone and Saisi nice to know the wimbers clinic is nice and friendly.

    Counting down the days now until the 21 Dec.  Also going to be soo hard keeping it in when I see my family on Friday.

    Imp - I hadn't come across your news - congratulations.  Is your scan coming up soon then?

  • Thanks cj.

    Yep, scan's on Tuesday. To say I'm shitting it would be an understatement!

  • Hello, I 'know' you from Hitched! Massive congratulations! We didn' have an early scan but found it very hard not telling people, especially family!

  • Hi *waves*

    I had an early scan at 8 weeks in London and heard the heartbeat.  There wasn't too much to see other than a blob in a sac, but was still reassuring!  I think seeing a heartbeat at 8 weeks gives you a 98% of viability, which I'd say is definitely safe enough to let family in on the news :)

  • thanks ladies - Wispa those statistics are really reassuring.  Time moves so slowly when waiting for first scan!

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