I know Im not a huge poster, but help please...I actually think I'm losing it.  I love my son very much, but my god the days are hard sometimes.  Ive just yelled at him because he wont go to sleep, I know this isnt his fault as hes not feeling great, but he was up at 4.30am so im feeling very tired now - all I wanted was 5 minute peace.  Are some people not cut out to do the full time mum thing?  I work two days a week as a teacher and Im seriously considering picking up more time as I dont think Im very good at this.  I dont think it helps that we move house next Friday and are nowhere near ready...

sorry for the needy post.  not really sure why im posting, I just feel so rubbish and down,


  • Oh Noodle :-( firstly, an inadequate hug! Is there someone who can come over for a bit or something? You need support xxx

  • thank you, it doesnt help that my family are over an hour away, which makes things a bit trickier and most of my friends are at work or have small people too!! I think im feeling a bit isolated at the moment and in limbo as we're moving areas as well

  • Hi noodle (fab name btw) I dont have any advice but sending big hugs to you, moving house is the most stressful thing you can do so dont be hard on yourself. Im totally sure you are a fab mum but your allowed to have a bad day, your little one will not suffer from it. Try and sit down with a cup of tea and cake if you can, if not can you take some time when your OH comes home?

  • Noodle lovely I completely understand. S is a tough baby and I feel so cheated sometimes of the opportunity to have a nice, gentle baby who has an even temperament and then I feel guilty for wishing him to be different.

    Don't feel bad for wanting more time at work, we all need to feel ourselves and not just someone's mummy. I'm finding that really tough at the moment.

    Sounds like things could be especially stressful if you're in the middle of a move as well. Don't be too hard on yourse
  • Bloody mobile forums don't post half of what I've written!

    *hugs* you're not alone. Keep posting on here if you're fed up xxx
  • Noodle, I'm so sorry you're feeling this way but please don't doubt yourself. Everyone has days like this and no one can be a better mummy little one than you.

  • I have been a ft mum for 2.5 years and still have days like this!!  The last two nights I have almost done a dance at bedtime.  I have been dreaming about going back to work and I left March 2011!!  

    All sounds normal to me.  I hope the move goes well.  First thing when you move get thee to a sure start centre, I have found ours invaluable!

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