Help! Red Pram Colour Opinions! Finally decided on the Stokke Xplory V3.   Now my partner wants it in red.   We are team yellow and I am concerned it may be too girly if we have a boy......what do people think??? Yes I would dress him in red etc but not sure a whole travel system in red is too much? Or am I being silly as I do like the colour! Thanks 


  • I think red is very unisex, I have a red stroller for my boy.

    Red and green are definitely safer colours for team yellow.

  • Red sounds good to me. Good choice in pram!

  • We have red chosen before the baby was born. We thought it was very unisex.

  • Red is unisex. I have red pram and red Moby sling (didnt know #1 was going to be a girl) and this time we gave painted the large bedroom red for them both to share (according to scan #2 is gonna be a boy)

  • Seems he is right lol! i do adore the red but I worry about others opinions (shouldn't really )    Thanks x

  • I agree Red is lovely and unisex

  • We have red on our oyster and got it in case if number 2. Looks great... Plus you can get a maxi cosi in red too if you are gong for that car seat

  • I had a red pram for my first two (both boys but we didn't find out). I would always consider red to be a unisex colour.

  • I think red is fine for either sex

  • I had red for my little boy. It's a really strong colour.

  • I love red for boys and girls, think its very unisex.

    I bought my double in red because its unisex and I have a boy and girl.

    Looked great with black and white Buggysnuggles on it!

  • We have a red Stokke for our little boy. I don't think it's a girly colour at all, pink is yes but not red. Red is unisex.

    TBH I would think of all colours as unisex except pink (girls) and baby blue (baby boys). Even then Alex has some clothes with pink bits on!

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