Good luck tomorrow lovely, hope you get on ok. Remember we are all behind you xx


  • Thanks honey. That's so sweet of you to remember. Just been talking with my H about it and saying I don't know what to say so he's gonna come with and explain for me Love

  • Sounds perfect, that way you won't be tempted to hold anything back. Glad he's got your back xx

  • Yeah, he's fab. Very lucky to have him during that time. And also now x

  • So glad he's going with you. Sure it'll feel less scary knowing he can do the talking if you don't feel able xxx

  • Hope it relieves some of the worry and you can start thinking towards the future

  • What a gem your H is....different I know but when I was sudffering anxiety /panic attacks ny H came with me to doctors so if I got jumbled or lost for words he could help. It really helped me abd it made it clear to the docto that it wasn't trivial iyswim. Will be thinking of you - hope you get lots of support from your gp xx

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