Hospital Appoinments - rant alert!

Why do they make it so flaming hard Angry

I have to see the same consultant one two different days because I am such a "special case" and need 2.5 hours with him which they cannot possibly fit into a slot on one day (I wouldn't haev even minded not back to back just the same flaming day!) so they gave me a day apart - not so good for work, so I just called them to ask if I could move them and got a 20 minute lecture on how busy these consultants are and how they get booked up well in advance - well blow me I didn't know I would be pregnant and need to see him in March 2014 did I - such a bit inconcenience. she got really stroppy with me for leaving it so late to call them (appointment is in three weeks and I got the letters last week confirming dates/times) and then huffed and puffed whilst finding me another slot.

So now I am going a week apart ........ to the same discuss the same thing......seem nuts to you?!?! I know the appointments are important and I have managed work around them but to take off two mornings in a row would cause me no end of grief and work to catch up on, if I am not here it just doesn't get done.  my baby does take priorty but i need a balance!!

I wish I could just go back to bed, today is just turning into a crappy day


  • It's ridiculous they can't find it into one slot. Surely they could just give you a double booking slot!

    I hope it all works out and that the 2nd appointment turns out to have some point to it x

  • is that khan or ikomi ?

  • me too PS, I guarentee the second one I won't even see the consultant just the registra x

  • Ikomi, I still need to get Khan booked in!!

  • if i was you id phone the diabetes midwives and explain to them and see if they can shuffle him around a bit?

    iv had something similar in the past, i explained it to Jo Hoare and she was able to sort it and i saw him in the morning, then after lunch

    i have their direct number if you want it ?

  • How ridiculous!  And you can bet that you'll be waiting an hour or more after your appointment time before you're actually seen!

  • Hospital appointments drive me mad. Just trying to sort one for p which was missed because we moved house and I didn't get the letter. Which is all my fault apparently according to the receptionist/secretary I spoke to!! 2 appointments to see the same person is ridiculous. Surely that's a waste of everyone's time?!
  • Monnie - yes please, that would be lovely

    I am dreading it because OH has decided to come to, which is lovely, but he is the most impatient perosn on the planet and I know this will give him the rage before we even get to the hospital! Even the resources thing gets me becuase they will need to do blood test and urine tests for BOTH appointmetns plus weigh me to see where I am on the "Mum to be Whale Scales"  I feel like a pin cushion already as injecting with thinners every day into my tummy

  • its 01268 394817

    my H hates ante natal clinic its his dreaded appt !

  • N, did you call the appointment line or the consultant's secretary? I've just had a very good experience with a secretary rearranging a scan and consultant appointment.

  • that was through the appointment line, maybe I should tgry the secretary direct?

    Thanks Monnie x

  • I can sympathize. I went to consultant appointment a couple of weeks ago, H came too, we waited an hour and a half before being seen by a midwife who did a general antenatal check (two days before I saw community mw for the same thing) then saw a doctor who discussed the situation, went and spoke to consultant who said she didn't need to see me. So that was a full mornings childcare, H missed three hours of work and when we got to the car park payment machine wed been there 2hrs 1min so into the next pay bracket which wound H up even more Laugh

    Next appointment is on Tuesday, I've to see consultant after a scan. Scan appointment is 11am, the only consultant appointment was 9:45 so I'm booked for that and will just need to sit and wait till she can see me. Or not, if last time is anything to go by!

    Oh and then I've got another scan three days later because apparently they can't just check everything at the same time. I don't see how it can possibly be good use of nhs time and money

  • Weekender - thats the type of thing that will get to Rob Laugh I cannot believe they are just going to make you sit and wait after your scan either - you are supposed to be resting but that isn't very easy in hospital waiting area!

  • your under the same hosp as i was, i had 2 appointments with different cons, but couldnt see them both on the same day cos they dont work the same day. i ended up missing a mon and a tues off work in a row.

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