How accurate was your growth scan?

We've a scan Thurs as MW is vaguely concerned that Baxter might be so big (especially if I go overdue again) that (she feels) it may affect my home birth choice.

Did you have a growth scan? How useful, as a guide, was it?

Many thanks!


  • I had one at 35 weeks as my bump hadn't changed much over 2 weeks. They said baby would be on track to be above average, at least 8lb, she was 6lb 9oz at birth!

  • Baby 1 estimated at 9lb 10 I think at 40+6, born 4 days later at 9lb 6. Baby 2 was 7lb 5 at 35 weeks which following the graph on my notes predicted 9lb 6 on due date.  He was 9lb 13 at +5 so quite accurate again.  Baby 3 was scanned at 37 weeks I think - can't remember for sure now and was 8lb 13 at that point.  Born at 39+5 and 9lb so that scan wasn't very accurate

  • Pretty accurate. I had a placental location scan at 34 weeks baby was estimated at 5lb something (can't remember exactly now) then I had a growth scan at 38 weeks baby was estimated at 7lb 5. Baby born at 41 weeks and weighed 8lb 4
  • At 36 weeks, I was given 8lb 8oz as an estimated birth weight after my scan. My MW disagreed, and after feeling my tummy, she estimated 9lb 8oz.

    J was born at 40+0, weighing 9lb 9oz.
  • Pretty accurate, although I had to ask her for a weight estimate, she was only plotting head abd abdominal circumference, she told me weight estimates were rubbish.

    She said 6lb or 6lb 3oz was her guess. That was Friday. He was born the following Wednesday weighing 6lb 8oz

  • Good thread, as you know it's a concern of mine!! The sonographer and mw both told me that weights are only a guide, particularly in the last few weeks as babies growth can either stall or go up rapidly in the last 2 weeks. Helpful! They both did say that length is more accurate so my baby boys off the scale long legs are likely to be just that. We should compare post birth and see how right they were about us both!
  • All my scans were pretty accurate. Last scan at 36 weeks predicted A would be 6lb 4oz when I give birth at 37 weeks. She weighed 6lb 7oz.

  • Inaccurate for me!  Molly was born 8lbs 8 (38 weeks) and at my 36 week scan she measured 10lbs + according to them

  • My scans were quite accurate. They had her plotted at the 91st percentile at 36w and when she was born she was measuring at the 90th percentile weight wise and 98th percentile length wise. I'm no expert on homebirth, but if they're worried could they help start you early? At 39+5 G was 8oz 15, but according to the curve if I'd got to 42 weeks she would have been over 10lbs, so those last few weeks would have meant an extra ounce if I'd gone that far.

  • I thought my growth scans were totally wrong but since I've got my medical notes and looked at the graph they were spot on. Everyone told me babies put on half a lb a week in the last 4 weeks and that was totally wrong for me. I had a growth scan at 36 weeks and from that he only put on 1/2 until born at 39+4.

  • Mine were hideously inaccurate they said that mine had very short legs, large abdomens and the complete opposite were true.

  • I didn't get estimated birth weight. they just repeatedly told me that baby was "big". He was estimated at around 8lb at 36 weeks. They then let me go the full 2 weeks over and he was 10 lb 9.5 oz, so yeah....pretty big!

  • Thanks ladies. I think I'm glad to be having the scan, I'll worry (or not) about the outcome when Thursday comes! My bump really isn't very big for a big baby but it's very spread, I'm tall and fairly broad and with baby back-to-back I probably wouldn't have the spacehopper-stuck-to-front look anyway.

  • I'm tall too counter and have always hid my pregnancies well. Never measured big with any of them any at one point the mw was concerned my bump was small but all of mine were 9 lbers

  • My first was 9,6. I was repeatedly told my second was a big baby and had a growth scan at 37 weeks which said baby was around 8.i had him at39+4 and he was 8,4.tiny to me!

  • Number one wasn't. I was scanned at 30+6 and they estimated 3lb, he arrived 4 hours later at 4lb3.

    Number 2 scans were bang on. Last scan was at 38weeks and they reckoned 9lb12 at that point. He arrived a fortnight later weighing 11lb2.

    I'm tall (just shy of 5ft10) but my bump was massive this time so I wasn't surprised one bit
  • I'm a tiddly 5'1" in height and when i went for a presentation scan at 38 weeks, i asked the sonographer if she could estimate how big W would be. I  was promptly told that you can't actually get the weight of your baby from a scan and she wouldn't give me an estimation.  I then went 2 weeks over and had a 10lb4oz baby, which i wasn't able to deliver myself, and had someone at least said to me that there was that distinct possibility I might not have suffered so badly mentally afterwards.

  • Wow, RKB. You must have been so uncomfortable by the time you delivered. Ouch.

  • I was more upset that I had to go for a section and was told in a rather nonchalant way Afterwards that I'd never have managed to deliver myself. I'm quite sure this played a massive role in my near depressive state afterwards. Kudos to the husband for helping through that!

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