How do you know if something is sterile?

I've got loads of avent milk storage pots that I bought when I had W and used for freezing breast milk. I much preferred them to the bags as I could reuse them, take the pots out with me etc. 

once I started weaning her and stopped expressing, I used the pots for freezing food for her as they were a perfect portion size for little meals for her. 

I want to reuse them for this baby but am unsure if I should. quite a lot of them are scratched/worn on the inside, and some are stained a bit orange from storing chilli, slag Bol etc. I've scrubbed them out loads and left them soaking in Milton but they don't look any different. 

Money is really really tight for us at the moment so I really don't want to have to buy more if I don't have to. But on the other hand if they're not safe to use as won't sterilise properly because of scratches then I obviously wouldn't use them. I don't really know what I'm asking as I assume there's no way to know for sure if they are sterile or not? I know theoretically when you sterilise in the microwave or Milton it should then be sterile, but with them being worn and scratched will they still sterilise the same or could they still harbour bacteria? 


  • My theory would be that as long as they have been washed properly and sterilised they will be fine - the water/steam will get into the scratches and kill and nasties.  (but I am only accountant, so am definitely no expert!!!!)

  • That is my hope alocin. I assume when you sterilise it, it does just that- makes it sterile.

    But then I didn't want to assume that and be doing something terrible. But I think it's an impossible question. I guess I'll just just them. If I've washed them out loads, including in the dishwasher, and sterilise them properly then hopefully they will be fine.

  • No advice but the slag bol made me chuckle!!

  • Didn't notice that Libby! Good old predictive text !

  • Slag Bol!! Wonder why that's allowed through the swear word filter?

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