How do you night time potty train?

E has been dry in the day now for months, probably 3 or 4 I think.  It's great, she had very few accidents and picked it up pretty quick, but night times she doesn't seem to be anywhere near being trained.

We put her a nappy on and when she wakes up the next morning it's soaked.  Will it just happen eventually, should we be doing something to encourage her?  She wakes up during the day time if she needs a wee but at night, she doesn't.  But then it could be because she knows she's got the nappy.


  • I waited until C was dry at night which was within a couple of weeks of daytime PTing, and then waited a few months before leaving the nappy off at night!  C's always woken in the night if he wants a wee, although it's almost like he's having a night terror rather than properly being awake.

    Not sure you can really train that well, some friends with children the same age as C still aren't dry over night so probably worth leaving for a while longer.

  • I waited until their night nappy was dry in the morning, then kept it on for a while longer and encouraged them to go to the loo as soon as they woke up in the morning.

    A removed her own nappy one night, no accidents so we just never bothered with it again. She has never wet the bed. She was out of all nappies at 26 months. L was about 2.5 yrs and had a couple of accidents but not a lot, maybe 4 in total.

    I put a folded bath sheet under their fitted sheet to save the mattress.

  • Thanks ladies for your replies.  I'll try getting her to go to the toilet before bed, and minimising drinks before bed and see how we get on.  THen hopefully we will start noticing that she's dry at night.  She can't get on the toilet herself, so don't really want her waking us up in the night to take her.

  • My son is 3 y 9 m and been potty trained for 18 months in the day, no problems. He still isn't dry at night. He has some dry nights and often gets up for a wee but other nights he is wet. I spoke to the health visitor and she said it isn't something you can teach. They just do it when they are ready x

  • Miss cv was fully day trained w(ith very rare accidents) for a full 6 months before she started to be dry at night. When she had a week of dry nappies, I ditched them and started to be more vigilant about evening drinks etc She was eventually able to go back to milk before bed etc

  • With J, it just came after being trained in the day (within a week). I don't think you can "train" them, they just have to "get it" themselves.

  • M is 3.5yrs and still not dry at night despite having been dry since 2yrs 3mths. She's a deep sleeper. Not sure how you train someone to do something in their sleep, but thet are still v young so I'm not bothered

  • I also believe they can't be trained. I've never limited drinks either. My 2 (aged 5 and 3.5 now) take a glass of water to be with them. My you vest drinks a pint of water during the night, at least a pint, and very rarely gets up to pee.

  • My 2 potty trained very differently at night. My current 3 year old (3 in Sept)was only potty trained during the day in July and is already dry t night. We ditched the nappies about a month ago. My daughter was potty trained during the day at an earlier age but her nappies at night were very wet in the morning for a long time. I would wait for signs of them being dry in the morning before I trained.

  • Thanks again everyone.  I'll just see how we go then.  I'm fine with her being in a nappy at night, it's no big problem for us, so I'll just let her get it in her own time.

  • My daughter was day time trained at 2 and a half but not dry at night for another 2 years. She just suddenly got it, having had a couple of failed attempts before then (because she was keen not to wear a nappy at night). I tried to encourage her to drink more during the day which I think helped in the end. Some children seem to get it much sooner than others. Its one of those things you can't really force or push them to do sooner than they can manage.

    I would wait until seeing dry nappies at night before trying. As she was very keen, when she was 4 years old, we tried without seeing dry nappies and it was not a success at all, in spite of us sticking it out for nearly 2 weeks (it was summer!).    

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