How do you stop permanent baby bedhead?!

Bless A, she seems to be having a bad hair day EVERY day at the moment...serious bedhead going on!

Her hair isn't long enough to tie up, but seems too long to sit flat against her head. I swear most days she looks like Wolverine haha!!

Is she destined to look like a wally until it grows longer??


  • Haha A looks like this most days. Oddly it's just on one side of his head. It goes super fluffy and won't lie down flat. I'm not bothered but if I was I imagine wetting a baby brush and just brushing it down might help.

  • Aww fluffy! Could you wet it, does that help?

  • P's is always like this too. All fuzzed up at the back! At least its winter and they can wear hats!

  • L still get bed hair on the back of her head. I use a soft bristled brush to get the knots out in the mornings.

  • I've got the same issue, e constantly looks like no one owns her. I've tried having it cut, blow drying it and wetting and brushing but nothing's worked. Sob

  • I tried a wet comb this morning and it tamed it for a bit, but not for long. Oh well!

  • Fs hair is all sticky outty. Not helped by the fact that some of it is really long and some is just starting to grown. I haven't found a full proof way of controlling it but do find it's much more manageable if it hasn't been washed the day before. Do you shampoo her hair every day? Maybe every other day would be better?
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