How dribbly is your baby?

S is so dribbly, it's crazy. The hv had a check of his gums today and said that she couldn't feel any teeth so I guess he's just a dribbly baby but we easily go through 4/5 bibs a day and his clothes get soaked. Every time he smiles the drool just falls out of his mouth! Normal?


  • My son was so dribbly!! Bibs, regular changes of clothes. It was neverending. It would hang from his mouth at times. Sounds horrible when I describe it but we were just used to it :)

  • O is really dribbling at the mo, can't see any teeth either. He's always got his hands in his mouth so there's a constant stream soaking his clothes!

  • Really really really dribbly! I put a dribble bib on and within 10 minutes its soaked! And I don't know about S but its making her reflux worse so she's being sick loads too! My washing pile is ridiculous!!!

  • Same here!! Soaking her bibs & clothes. R is also a clothes sucker, wet & dribble everywhere!

  • Ashton teething powders are good for drying it up. Not sure if all teething powders are the same but Ashton's stops the excess dribbling even when not teething.

  • Good to know it's not just S! We went to a zumbini class yesterday and where I was walking around jiggling him and he was grinning like a loon, there was a massive trail of drool all over the floor!

    TP will definitely try those powders, they sound good. I worry his chin might get a bit sore sometimes.

  • Yep I have a dribbly one too! It's ridiculous! He never used to be and then at 3 months suddenly became a very wet child! He's learned how to blow raspberries today, dear lord they are messy.

  • Popcorn, I can't remember what milk is S is on but just be careful if he's lactose intolerant/cmpi as the powders are lactose based. A can't have them and its a nightmare as they were aN absolute godsend with E! x

  • Thanks mamaD I hadn't realised that. He's on aptamil comfort which has the lactose broken down so I'll make sure I check anything - good point though! I think I read somewhere that dribbliness can be a symptom of reflux so I guess that explains why you, me + Tina have popped up on this thread!

  • My son who had extremely awful reflux and then has been diagnosed with a type of coeliac disease was horrendously dribbly.

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