How long can you keep refrigerated breast milk at room temp for?

Everything I can find online says "freshly expressed milk" can be kept at room temp for x amount if hours, but I can't find anything that says how long for milk that's not freshly expressed but is taken out of a fridge. 

Anyone know how long that will last?

Im off out for a meal tonight. I have no problems bfing in public and have done it in lots of random places, but am not sure how appropriate it is in a restaurant. so was thinking if taking a bottle with me. The only problem then is keeping her quiet from the point she is hungry and wants feeding that second to the point ive managed to ask a waiter to bring me a jug of hot water and waited for it to warm up.

so does anyone know how long I can keep the bottle out the fridge to let it get to room temp  as then I could give it to her straight away when she's hungry

or also, do you bf in a restaurant? H thinks it will be fine as " if we're having our dinner so should she", which I agree on and I'm all for being comfortable doing it in public and not caring what others think, but is a restaurant somewhere whereyou shouldn't?  I know that it's widely accepted now and theres no way I would be told to leave or that I couldn't, but I wouldn't want people thinking its inappropriate as we are out with friends 

Sorry this post has turned into two totally different questions!


  • Its 6 hours as soon as its out of the fridge, less so if its a warm environment, maybe 4ish.

    I'd either take the ebm or feed there. Tbh it would depend what I was wearing/if I wanted a drink/wanted h to feed iyswim

    There's no place you shouldn't feed but I suppose its where you feel comfortable. If you want to bf then maybe sit with your back to the restaurant iyswim, or wear a shawl or something.

  • I would happily fed in a restaurant, it would be quicker for me and less faff than a bottle. And what CP said about time out of the fridge.

  • I would just feed in the restaurant, I have turned out to be pretty militant about public bf and will do it anywhere! I would think that if you're in a restaurant that welcomes babies, it would be fine to bf.

  • I've pumped in a restaurant, so I wouldn't think twice about BFing there! I would think it easier to BF too as then you'll probably have a hand free to eat your own food, whereas I could never bottle feed one-handed.

    But what CP said regarding times.

    Enjoy your meal out :)

  • I agree with cp about the timings. Although I fed I everywhere, including in many restaurants (have spoken to waiters & ordered food whilst doing so). Hope you're having a good evening

  • Decided to put a bottle in the bag and also wear a boob accessible dress so I could feel when I got there. Didn't end up using either option as B slept the whole time! One bottle of milk wasted but dilemma solved!

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