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Hi Ladies!

I know a thread like this was done not long after I joined MD but thought it would be nice to do again if you don't mind.

So, how long did it take you to conceive and did you do anything different the month you got your bfp?




  • I stopped taking the mini-pill in November, had first period in December, knew roughly when I was going to ovulate in January but didn't think too much about it, used OPKs in February and caught :-)

  • it took us a year, and i upped my gym classes and we stopped trying !

  • 19 months with 2 losses. Same as Monnie. In fact, we had a huge row, didn't speak for a week and this little bean was conceived during make up sex! haha!

  • It took us 14 months to conceive. Didn't do anything specific differently the cycle we conceived - it was just luck I guess!

  • I'd been off the pill for 2 years before I conceived, but after 12 months we took about 6 months out to sort a load of family issues and problems between H & I before starting again. I think that break helped but we didn't do anything different the month we conceived I don't think.

  • 2nd Month trying for us. First month we wung it, 2nd month I bought OPKs to see when i OVd as i didn't really know when i did, and we caught.  Pretty sure we conceived the morning after a night out - I was too drunk to do it when we got home! :-)

  • 1st time was 2nd cycle after stopping the pill

    2nd time 14 months, no reason for it to take longer second time around and we didnt do anything different the month we caught - I was temping and using opks throughout and resorted to buying a cbfm and caught the second month of using that

  • Two years and yes, we did IVF the month we conceived! So a bit drastic but it worked ;)

  • First time 1st month, used opks and temped to verify ovulation (necessary as didn't ovulate till cd30 and had a false positive on an opk earlier in the cycle.) 2nd time 2nd month, also used opks that month (didn't the first - I was attempting to be more chilled about everything but it only lasted a month till I caved and started peeing on sticks again!) Both times were after coming off the pill, combined pill the first time and minipill the second.

  • I came off the pill a good 6 months beforehand and we used other methods, I'd heard stories of quick conception followed by m/c after stopping pill. I have no idea whether that's borne out medically or not. We conceived first cycle, day after getting off honeymoon. Really didn't know how my age would factor, and my last pregnancy was a m/c so I wasn't very optimistic. I was not at my healthiest or slimmest at that point, but not too far off.

  • 16 months. I was taking a large dose of Vit D the month we finally caught. I have no idea if it helped but (tmi) that month I had loads of ewcm.

  • 4 months, but that's with not having been on any hormonal contraception for 8 whole years. We had gotten by on just condoms, and I had regular cycles, but the month we caught was the month I temped..

  • With O, it was 3 months. With L it was 8 months, but that included 2 mcs. We're still working on #3, albeit half-heartedly as I've been ill/too tired/cba to dtd at the crucial time of the month, and it's been like this for the past 6 months.
  • First time it took. 10 months . The month I conceived we'd just been told I wasn't ovulating and been referred to the assisted conception unit so it was a lovely surprise.

    Baby number two was conceived second month of trying

  • It took 20 months. We did nothing different the month we got our BFP.

  • Not sure with C, as we weren't trying, but he was conceived some point during a 3 month relationship. He is the result of a broken condom.

    Second (mc) was during a 2 week fling (spent majority of the time drunk, and puked up my pill a few times)

    J was the only planned pregnancy, and he took around 6 months after coming off the pill to conceive. H and I only saw each other every other weekend, so not bad going really.

  • #1 took 3 months, #2 2 months and #3 3 months of seeing what happened. No changes the months we conceived.

  • 6 months for both. For the 2nd it was the 1st month of temping but I don't think that could effect it! Good luck x x

  • I stopped taking the pill end of January 2013 after 13years on it, I had my bleed after the pill & then a normal period 28 days later.  After downloading the pinkpad app I had an idea when I was ovulating.  I also used some cheap ovulation predictor sticks to confirm I was ovulating.  I conceived around middle of march, I was very very very lucky to fall pregnant straight away

  • Second cycle with both pregnancies. I was on the pill for 12 years before no.1 stopped taking pill in December found out I was pregnant the beginning of March.

    Went on Mini pill after no1. Stopped taking it in December found out I was pregnant beginning of March.

    If anything we DTD less the month we conceived.
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