How long to get a 12 week scan date through? Is it essential to be done before 13 weeks?

I'm a bit of a numpty as I got my dates confused last week & thought I was meeting my gp to book in my pregnancy last Fri & it turned out that it was Thurs. The next available appointment is next Wed when I'll be 9+4. After that I'll need to wait for the midwife to arrange my booking in appointment & after that my scan date can be arranged. I'm getting a bit panicked that I'm gonna run out of time. I thought they had to be done by 13 weeks? The thing is the week I'm 12 weeks is the week leading up to Easter with a bank holiday on the Friday & 1 on the following Monday which limits spaces even more. I desperately want to get the scan before Easter as I don't think I can hide it much longer & will definitely want to tell after the 2 week Easter break but don't want to tell until I know everything is ok. Please tell me that scan dates come through quickly!! Luckily the nice receptionist I spoke to today has booked me an appointment to see the midwife just after seeing my gp on Wed but said they're not supposed to book people into those so I may not get to meet the midwife then (especially as I imagine it's usual appointment slot & I'll need a long 1 to book in).

Sorry for the waffle x


  • The scan has to be done by 13+6 for the nuchal fold test, but I wouldn't worry.  They tend to book them last minute in loads of trusts.  I didn't have my booking. Until I was 10-1/2 weeks, and ended up having my scan the very next week!

  • I was going to say what Wispa said, it can be up to 14 weeks. I reckon the mw will get the scan booked for you urgently.

    What a pain though, it's annoying waiting.

  • Thanks ladies, I was panicking slightly but have longer than I thought. It's my own fault for not reading the dates right especailly as I was super organised & had booked it by 5 1/2 weeks!!

  • 14+1 for nuchal fold test according to my notes. My due day was changed so when I was scanned they moved me from 12.6 to 14 weeks exactly and I still had the nuchal test & blood test with no problems.

  • It's by 24 weeks for the nuchal test. Also the mw could ring up and get a scan slotted in anytime, they keep Gaia for emergencies, have cancellations etc. as long as you're seeing your mw soon try not to worry :-)
  • 14 not 24. Stupid fat fingers!!
  • It's 13+6 for the nuchal, they don't perform nuchal scanning after this

  • My booking in appointment was later because I was on holiday, I was 10 weeks when I had it done and got my scan date through a few days later. It was done at 12+5. I'm sure it will be ok.

  • Where I live you can self refer to the local midwife team. Could you do that so you're in the system before your GP appointment?

  • Same as Sshh, where I live you don't need to see a GP before a midwife, I just contacted the midwives immediately and had a booking in appointment at around 9/10 weeks. Then they booked the scan after. They can get you booked in for a scan quickly if needs be as with my 3rd child I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was nearly 19 weeks so needed an emergency scan appointment and got one for a few days after seeing the midwife.

  • Sorry I didn't get back to this, usually only work work Mon & Tues but agreed to do the whole week & am shattered!

    Unfortunately they won't let me self refer (believe me, I've tried). Fingers crossed the midwife will see me the same day as the gp next Wed & hopefully I can get a scan date through quickly. It doesn't help that I've got tickets to see Peppa Pig that week too so I reckon the chances of them booking at at the same time as the show are very high at the moment. Definitely not gonna be as smooth this time - I'm already having to lose a deposit on our ext family holiday week to Butlins as the baby is due the day before!!

    Thanks for all your advice.

  • It should be ok Blackcat. nuchual needs done by 14 weeks.. give it a week or so after ypu seen midwife and call scanning dept direct to find out when your appt will be. With L i got to 11 weeks with no scan appt and i called them to be told it was the follwing week. With H i got appointment a month in advance not that my scan went to plan being 18 weeks rather than 12 x
  • I'm pretty sure the midwife called the scan department and made my booking for me over the phone when I saw her and she gave me the date there and then, maybe that could be an option for you?

  • yoyo, that's great to know. Hopefully I get to meet my mw this Wed & I will definitely ask.

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