how long was your hospital stay and why?

Random question, how long was you in hospital with your first and why? What sort of birth? I have no idea of how long I will be in I always thought it was about a day if normal birth


  • 4 days altogether, went in on the tues to be induced baby born on wed by EMCS and discharged Friday. I wanted to go home on the thurs but our hospital has a strict 48 hour stay post c- section rule!

  • Mine was eons ago though so I have no clue what the norm is now. He was born around midnight, so we got back on the ward 5am. They would have let me home that day but we were knackered and baby hadn't fed and was very jaundiced. So I stayed a whole extra night. They wanted to keep us longer because baby still wasnt feeding but we agreed a compromise and they let me home, so it was about 40 hours from birth.

    If I find myself having a hospital birth and I'm mobile I'd like to pack up and go home as soon as humanly possible.

  • had him thurs night, got out sat night. His blood sugars were low so we had to wait for them to get to normal.

  • First baby 3 nights.  Home birth planned, transferred in at 9cm dilated, c-section under general anaesthetic at 10.28pm on Wednesday night.  Left hospital at 7pm on Saturday evening.  They wanted me to stay, I discharged myself as I couldn't bare being there a minute longer.

    Second baby 4 nights.  Went in for pre-op for planned section to discover baby was transverse so was kept in. That was Weds night.  Baby born Thurs morning 11am. Could have been discharged on the Saturday but asked to stay for another night.  

  • With L I went in at 9 am had him by 3pm and was at mcdonalds drive through at 11pm...H was be fair we had a choice and generally if you and baby are ok then they will let you out after 6 hours after birth. X
  • Had her 10.30pm, home next day by tea time, would have been earlier if I'd peed the requisite amount sooner!

  • Had E at 2:45pm after a "textbook labour" according to midwife! Got out following day before lunch. It was Christmas Eve so i was keen to get home and think they were keen to get rid of people!!
  • 6 hours if all okay? Awesome! :)

  • Counter, just to add my friend had her 2nd baby just after I had mine she was discharged 2 hours after birth!

  • We were in for 4 days, then home for an evening, then back in for another 4 days. J wouldn't feed so we stayed trying to get it sorted, then had lost too much weight, hence the readmittance. It sucked.

  • Induced Friday afternoon, had him early hours of Saturday morning. I lost a lot of blood and was quite anemic. Was going to go home on the Monday but they decided I needed blood transfusions and then S had jaundice so needed the lamps. Was eventually discharged on Tuesday evening.

  • Induced on the Thursday, baby born by emcs Saturday night, discharged the following Saturday. I had an unknown infection in labour, baby had jaundice, strep b and congenital pneumonia so was in scbu for 3 days but needed iv antibiotics even when back on the ward.  

  • Went in at 11.30pm, waited an hour to be assessed, had her at 4am, was out by 9am. Could've been out earlier but I felt a little light headed so stayed to eat a bit more then we had to wait ages to actually find a nurse to discharge us! My hubby was wandering up & down corridors trying to find someone!

  • Isla was born at 4.15pm and we left hospital the next morning around 11 am. As she was my first I wanted to stay in that night to make sure I had help with feeding if I needed it. Could've come home the same evening if I'd wanted to
  • I went in sat morning, had her  sat afternoon and came home Sunday afternoon. I could have gone home Saturday night but I wanted the back up for breastfeeding for the first night if I needed it. I was supposed to go home first thing Sunday morning but I needed a doctor to have a chat about referals sign us off and that took ages becaus it was a Sunday (boring genetic stuff I have! - not normal!). I was more than ready to go home. Next time If I had baby in the morning I would push to go home that evening.

  • I stayed overnight, was sent home 6 pm the next day.

    I had a normal delivery but haemorrhaged afterwards when my placenta got stuck, has to be catheterised, it was all quite horrendous. I have no idea why they kept me in as the midwives ignored me all night (to say they kept me in for a reason), no-one showed me how to feed, N didn't feed for 12 hours as I struggled and I sat around the next day just waiting for my medication to go home with. To say I wasn't happy with my post natal care is an understatement.

  • I had Toby at 7.44am and stayed in overnight- we were ready to go home at lunch the next day but discharge took forever and didn't leave hospital until 5pm. They needed to do obs on us both for 12 hours as I wasn't 100% when my waters went, and said we could go home the evening of the day he was born but I didn't want to get home late and wanted the support for breastfeeding and general recovery hence the overnight stay.

  • Had her 12.30am tuesday morning, went home about 11am Wednesday morning. Would have been out Tuesday but I choose to stay an extra night to get feeds gong established.
  • Meant to say we had a straight forward natural delivery.
  • Had E at 1.30am, ended up staying 3 nights because of a third degree tear, trip to theatre and having to wait for the all clear to be able to get out of bed, do a poo etc!

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