How many muslins?

I know you lot say 'loads' but how many is 'loads' and where are the best places to buy them?

thanks :)



  • I had about 16 with my first, she was a very sicky baby and I got through 2 each feed so was constantly washing them!

  • we had 12 I ordered two different colours which turned out to be great as we had a little boy so used one set for nappy changes (to protect us from little fountains) and one set were for face wiping etc, 12 has been more than enough but disco wasn't a very sicky baby so one muslin lasted a couple of days. i brought mine from ebay as non of our local shops stocked any.

  • I have about 15 muslins and am firmly of the view that you can never have too many! I have found the best ones the Aden and Anais Jungle Jam ones as they are really big and great for multi uses

  • We have lots, probably 20 or so. I buy them from the supermarket - around £1 a muslin is what I aim for to get a good deal :-) Sainsburys had lots half price the other day when I was in

  • is it worth buying the big aden & anais muslins ?

  • I have one big one I got from cuski but I've only used it in the summer as a sun shade for the pram.  I don't think they're essential

  • We have the big muslins from aden & anais as well as the Jungle Jam and I love them. Use them for sun shade for pram/to block out light if trying to get E to sleep in pram, swaddling, for him to lie on when playing on the floor, wrapping him in when doing "nappy off" time etc. I know that the aden & anais stuff is more pricey but worth it IMO as they wash so well.

  • I had about 40. J was exceedingly vomity and I got through about 10 a day. We just had supermarket cheapies too.

  • I bought a pack of 20 from mothercare when I had Isla. Still got 4/5 from that packet I didn't use.

  • With A I had about 10 which was plenty. With L I must have had 30-35, he was really sucky so I got through loads each day. U set his head in the crib and pram, over him in the car and pram to protect them from sick, tucked under the head rest and drapped down the back of the car seat to prote t it from projectile. Behind his head when tiny in the sling. Over me and him during and after feeds. On the floor on the playmat. Literally for the first 9-10 months they covered half my house!

  • Ive got a couple of pack when Ive seen them cheap so about 14 now.

    Also my SIL send me a pack of 5 really big ones the other day which like Ally said I will probably use on the pram as a shade or drape over me when breast feeding whilst out.

  • I think I had about 25 to begin with but some have gotten lost over time. They're so useful too - an impromptu changing mat/poo catcher, bib for weaning and toddlers, a thin blanket - you can never have too many, tbh.

  • I had 14 with Zoe (reflux baby) and that was about right so I bought a similar amount this time around.  I have always had the john lewis ones which stay lovely and soft, however this time around there are loads of lovely patterned & coloured ones at reasonable prices and I wish I had got htem.  When I had zoe the patterned ones were really expensive.

    As for the giant muslins, my friend bought me some anais & anais ones as a present and I love them.  I have one in the car at all times, it doubles as a rain cover, blanket, spare clothes for Zoe (don't ask) ... it has definitely been worth while but I'm not sure I could have justified the cost for myself.

  • I got some little hankie sized ones from ebay. Really handy when out and about when you don't need a big one. Fortunately so far neither of my girls have been sicky babies. I only have about 10 normal sized ones.

  • I had a couple of dozen though I never seemed to have enough!  I bought these for O:

    And love them - use them as a light blanket, light swaddle, changing mat, breastfeeding cover, sunshade etc. I never had them with C and didn't miss them, though have loved using them with O.

    If you want something slightly funkier, do what very excited did and just dye a load of them - she made a load of hers a lovely purple colour, it makes them look really expensive!

  • Oh I love the idea of dying them! I have some left over from the first two which I was thinking I'd use in The house and use new ones outside. But I might have a go at dying some!

  • I was going to say that however many you have, double it! I couldn't tell you how many I have, but they are something you need a lot of!

  • I probably have around 15, bought them from a cheap supermarket own brand like asda or Tesco. Isobelle used to bring up her feeds as soon as she'd fed so went through quite a few. Also needed them in the early days to put over the opposite boob when I fed skin to skin as it would leak when feeding from the other side. Great for use as mini blankets on grass, bibs...

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