How many sheets?

I suppose I should know this really but how many fitted sheets did you have for the crib and pram? I have 2 already so would another 2 be enough? I remember putti g muslins under their heads to keep the sheets cleaner but can't remember how often I changed it. 


  • I have 4 for the cot which I'm using on the crib too (tucked under the mattress) and that's plenty for us.

  • I had two for the crib and none for the pram, I just used blankets as we were given hundreds!

  • You need sheets for the pram?! :O

  • I currently have a pack of 2 fitted for the pram and 2 flat for the crib

  • It hadn't occurred to me to have sheets for the pram. I am quite dim.

  • I didn't use sheets for the pram, just muslins under his head. I had 4 fitted sheets for the crib and that was fine.

  • We had 4 new ones and a few passed on from my SIL, that was plenty

  • I have 2 fitted pram sheets in the carrycot, one on and one in the wash as they can be tumble dried,  which is plenty.

    For the crib I just use the cot ones, put the crib mattress across the width of the fitted cot sheet and tuck the excess underneath.  Works perfectly.  I have 4 cot sheets.

  • I have two for the crib and two for the pram. S possetts a lot so as long as I remember muslins under his head, two sheets are enough.
  • Thanks all. Ill get another 2 and that should do.

    For those that said about the pram - it depends what kind of pram you have I guess. Carrycots with mattresses will need a sheet.

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