How many weeks am I?

Hi everyone

i found out I was pregnant on Monday and am very excited but also confused. My last proper period started on the 3rd of August but then five weeks later I had what I thought was my period. It was like no period I'd had before very light and lasting maybe four days. The morning that started I had done a test and it was negative. Before the light period started I'd had period like lower back pain the week or so before lasting over a week. When I rang the doctors they said they'd count from my last proper period and that I'm six weeks but not sure I will be as don't want to get my hopes up! Also I did a teat where it tells you how far along and it said. 3+ weeks but going to do another one of those today.

sorry for rambling on but i could do with some advice please!


  • Hmm, I'm not sure. If the repeat test agrees, I'd go with that. OIgtherwise a scan is probably your best bet.  Congratulations, btw!

  • The digital tests go from the date of conception but your dr and midwives etc go from the 1st date of your last period. So say you had your period on the 1st of the month, ovulated on day 14 and then took a test on day 28, the test would say you were 1-2 weeks pregnant but your doctor would officially date you as being 4 weeks. Hope that makes sense.


  • Congrats!!! A scan will tell you what you need to know :)

  • Congratulations!

    My CBD came back at 3+ and I was about 5 weeks.

    Like others have said, it you tell your midwife you are unsure about your dates, she'll send you for a dating scan!

  • You can't really tell much from the digital ones after a certain point, 3+ weeks is as far as they go. Pregnancy is officially dated from the first day of your last period (meaning you're already 2 weeks pregnant when you conceive. Odd I know.) Digital tests date you differently, more the way you'd expect. If they say 3+ weeks it means you're 3 weeks since conception, or 5 weeks officially. If your last proper period was 3rd Aug you'd be 8 weeks pregnant today. If your light period 5 weeks after that was a proper period and not some kind of implantation bleeding/light spotting then you'd be 3 weeks pregnant today, and wouldn't be showing as pregnant on a test, certainly not showing as 3+weeks. So I'd say your light bleeding around the 7th Sept can't have been a period, and so you would have to be 8 weeks pregnant now. (Assuming you have regular cycles, if you ovulated late you may not be quite that far along, and might explain why you got a negative at 5 weeks, where normally you'd get a positive.) When you get booked in a scan will be sorted for 12 weeks, and they'll date you officially then. Congratulations!

    P.s. I have no idea where the doc got 6 weeks from, that makes no sense to me...

  • I agree with Spikey, I'd say you were 8 weeks pregnant.  Tell your doc/midwife that you are unsure or else you may miss the window for certain tests at the scan.

  • However many weeks you are, jump in to the first tri threads! You'll be very welcome  :D

  • Hey Chocolate girl I am in a similar position to  you as i have had a few strange periods my midwife dated me with my last bleed and said it will be corrected in my scan :( x

  • Thanks for all of your replies. Lots of great advice and reassurance. I did another test and it also said 3+ weeks!! We told our immediate family today and my Mum said the same thing happened to her and she ended up being further along than she first thought. I'm just going to try and get used to being pregnant and not worry too much but I've been feeling so strange for a number of weeks I'm thinking I must be more than a couple of weeks. Anyway, thanks again. I will join the first tri group soon!

  • Just an update: I had a slight scare a week ago as the midwife said what I thought was a period but light might have been a sign something was wrong. Anyway, I had an early scan and saw the heartbeat and I am now 9 weeks 5 days so must have been about 6 weeks when I posted. So thanks for all the advice at the time x

  • Great news. Congratulations again x

  • Lovely news. Congratulations x

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