how much swelling

Hi all

Just looking for some advice, how much swellingis normal. Im 36+1 and suffered swelling in the recent heat wave it settled once the weather changed.I went out with some friends last night and couldnt get any of my shoes on, now this morning my hands are swollen? Is this normal for my stage of pregnancy?

Thanksin advanceI


  • Some swelling is normal but it's best to get it checked out if possible x

  • I could only wear flip flops towards the later part of my pregnancy and my ankles were huge.. I had to take my rings off too... The midwife wasn't concerned as I felt ok and my blood pressure was fine but I would get yourself checked x

  • Same as Bexy here. Only flip flops and even then they left huge dents in my feet! However, BP was fine and the swelling went if I elevated for a bit, although came back immediately i stood up. I would ring the MW and they may want to check your pressure x

  • If swelling is worsening you should always get it checked. It could be something or it could be nothing better to check its nothing.

  • Thanks all, may just call the midwife and get my blood pressure checked. Just one of joys of pregnacy flip flops in the rain!

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